Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim Lessons

We signed D up for 5 sessions of private swim lessons through our community pool.  We were set for 3 days one week and two days the next week.  We were not sure how he would do so we did not want to pay for more than 5 to start, I am sure you understand.....! Two weeks ago we started and let me just tell you that day 1 was a 'fail' in my book.  Dominic would not go to Ms Emily to even get started.  It took 10 minutes to get him off the steps and the lesson is only 30 *sigh*

Let me preface all of this by why he is so fearful.  D had his first set of tubes at 10 mos, second set of tubes and adenoidectomy at 2.5 yrs old and finally a tonsillectomy at 4 yrs old.  Needless to say ear, nose and throat is where all our issues were for the first 4 years.  That being said, he could never get his ears wet because of the tubes so we had to instill that in him.  Now we are preaching the reverse to him so it was a little harder transition but he did exceptional.
Here is the beginning of that lesson. Clearly D is very nervous to let go of the side.  Ms Emily is the most awesome swim coach.  I read people well as do most children and she has what it takes.

FINALLY....off the steps and into her arms but you see how he is angled in her arms so as to not show he might be okay with it......just yet.

That is about the extent of the first lesson.....wait, oh yea there was actual crying in her arms but I did not capture that.  I was way frazzled by that point!

Here is day #2 and we had made quite a bit of progress with trusting her, etc.  He was ready to put the face in.

Now she is introducing the kick board and we are back to negative nick, on the stairs again.  Oi!

And Ms Emily did it again, she got him on the board and he did several laps back and forth.  I must say it is quite a work out for this 5 yr old that also started no naps at daycare to prepare him for Kinder in the Fall.  Did I mention Dad and I are really digging these no naps/ swim lesson combo?  Well WE ARE!!!

Here she lets go and you can see by her mouth wide open, she is congratulating him.  Not good
Ms Em, not good, lol. This is when he started freaking out because she was not holding on.  It was actually funny as much as I hate to admit it!

Now he is kicking while holding onto the board and taking dips under and back up in between.  In case you are wondering, yes we are rookies because he should have had goggles to help him with this, ugh!
He was doing so good

Up and down for breaths but poor guy kept his eyes closed.  Again - need goggles.

After 4 lessons he was doing awesome.  I could not believe how much progress he made in 4 short lessons.  All he wants to do now is swim and stick his head under.

Things should improve now >>>>>  Yeah, goggles!

Tomorrow is our final make-up lesson to total 5.  I am so proud of what he has done and continues to do.  We'll see if we want to take the plunge and spend the $ to sign up for 5 more but right now Mama needs a break from full time work and swim lessons!

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