Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Torretta - (Day 2)

Good Morning sleepy head!  I love me a tired munchkin that sleeps like a rock.....of course it costs me $ to get him to this point, hence the resort, ha!  But, well worth it.  He slept with mama in the King Bed and did not move one time all night.  Friday at the resort wore him out.  See his jammies?  After all he is "Mom's Rock Star":)

Of course he wakes up rockin and rolling and wants to know what we are doing, when we are doing it and why we are still sitting - approximately 5 minutes after we all woke up!  He and Daddy went for coffee and scored a pastry too!

Beautiful morning on the lake

View of a small portion of the waterpark from our room

This is the infinity pool attached to another huge pool

The lazy river that was awesome.  We went several times and I snuck in some laps alone!
My boy that did this water slide 452 times and never tired
Good photography, not gonna lie, he he!
Sweet cheeks full o' sunscreen

Love it!  Smoothe landing if you will......

Ok, here is the big bucket of water that fills and spills every minute or so.  Did not take Dominic long to figure out this rhythm and wait until it dropped before he made another round up to slide down..

Here we are in the big pool.  D is a little comfortable for someone who does not know how to swim!

After a full day at the water park on Saturday, we headed back to nap and rest.  Which I must say, EVERYONE did partake in this!  We were wiped but we got rejuvented to shower and head to dinner.  Dominic is again, acting bored after nap in the hotel.

Bath time before heading to dinner but let me mention we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for these motorcycles.  We made a huge mistake, a rookie mistake, and did not bring one single toy!  Ugh, trying to pack after work and cook dinner and do a million other things at once and you end up forgetting things.......

For some reason I look like I just woke up from the nap I just woke up from or I look swollen or something but whatever!  After showers on our way to dinner......

We landed at Shogun Japanese, yes!  The resort had a sushi bar but apparently the sous chef walked out and they had not found a replacement....really?  Are you kidding me, that is why we are staying here!!!!  Ok, not really but dang, I love me some sushi so my husband found me some!  Ever had the young little waitress that brings EVERYTHING to your table at one time?  We did......ugh!
After dinner we set out to make some Smores!
They were really good!

Then we got a wild hair and headed to play putt putt at the resort at almost 10pm....it was Dominic's first time and it was hilarious!
He would hit it then touch everyones golf balls before they finished but we made memories and that is all that matters.

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