Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day weekend

I got off a tiny bit early on Friday and ran errands before dropping by the house then heading back out to get D picked up.  I NEED that hour or so to unload my things, pick up around the house and do any other project that would take me 17 times longer if he was home.  I have huge guilt but I am learning to cope....to understand it is OKAY if he is not with me every second I am not at work.  I need it for my sanity or ahem, lack thereof.
I had some fresh flowers that were dying off so I needed to clean those and the vase.  There were still a handful that could survive in some bud vases so I did that with these.

I got tired of seeing all the sunscreens on the kitchen counter since we use them several days a week if we go swimming so I wrapped some patriotic ribbon around this little bucket and bam, much more presentable!

We just hung around Friday night and ordered in.  I like to use Friday nights to rest and catch up from the week.  K thinks just because it's Friday, we don't need to go to bed early which in turn is just a spiral affect because I personally am never catching up on sleep.  Dominic will be awake early no matter what day of the week....he could care less that it might be a Saturday or Sunday.
Saturday morning I took D to get his haircut while K mowed the yard.  We came back home and Daddy was done so we all headed back out for our new favorite family lunch spot:
If K and I get water we can all three eat for $21 and that is awesome!  Plus it's delicious...

We stopped at Blockbuster on our way home and K got his usual "shoot 'em up" type movie.  Dominic got Home Alone 4 and I got Burlesque.  Clearly D was not going to watch his by himself so I watched Home Alone with him. He was starting to doze but he caught parts of Burlesque while I was watching it and loved the dancing in the movie.  So there you have it - Family Movie Night, ha!
Sunday morning was Fathers Day so I got up early so Kevin could sleep in. I promised D we would make Daddy cinnamon rolls with his breakfast but I forgot to buy them the day before so we ran out to Kroger while Daddy was still asleep.  We found him awake when we came back home and D immediately wanted him to open his Fathers Day gifts.

Kevin collects the mini Riddell NFL helmets.  He got 2 more so he has a total of 19 out of the 32 teams so we are getting there.

Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Bucs today!

Then Mommy cooked up a huge breakfast of bacon....

Fried eggs.....

And the cinnamon rolls...............!

It was a delicious breakfast. We were not sure what we were going to do the rest of the day because D got a little bit of a snot nose, my guess is from the previous weeks swim lessons, so we did not want him to swim more that day.  We decided to head to the movies for this:

Mr. Popper's Penguins

It was such a cute movie and I am not really a Jim Carey fan.  I do recommend though.....

I knew that K wanted to grill out that evening as part of his Fathers Day dinner.  Here is D helping Daddy skewer some shrimp.

Zatarain's yellow rice.....must be the yellow..........

Starting the grill with his Daddy

Now taking huge leaps and jumping off his swing set now.....ugh!

And a perfect end to a wonderful Fathers Day.....K had surf and turf and I had a salmon pinwheel stuffed with lobster meat......We love our HEB Central Market!

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