Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This should be.....

In my mailbox when I get home:

From This Moment On

Can't wait to read it.  I saw her on Oprah and of course promoting her book so I wanted to read it.
We'll see!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day weekend

I got off a tiny bit early on Friday and ran errands before dropping by the house then heading back out to get D picked up.  I NEED that hour or so to unload my things, pick up around the house and do any other project that would take me 17 times longer if he was home.  I have huge guilt but I am learning to cope....to understand it is OKAY if he is not with me every second I am not at work.  I need it for my sanity or ahem, lack thereof.
I had some fresh flowers that were dying off so I needed to clean those and the vase.  There were still a handful that could survive in some bud vases so I did that with these.

I got tired of seeing all the sunscreens on the kitchen counter since we use them several days a week if we go swimming so I wrapped some patriotic ribbon around this little bucket and bam, much more presentable!

We just hung around Friday night and ordered in.  I like to use Friday nights to rest and catch up from the week.  K thinks just because it's Friday, we don't need to go to bed early which in turn is just a spiral affect because I personally am never catching up on sleep.  Dominic will be awake early no matter what day of the week....he could care less that it might be a Saturday or Sunday.
Saturday morning I took D to get his haircut while K mowed the yard.  We came back home and Daddy was done so we all headed back out for our new favorite family lunch spot:
If K and I get water we can all three eat for $21 and that is awesome!  Plus it's delicious...

We stopped at Blockbuster on our way home and K got his usual "shoot 'em up" type movie.  Dominic got Home Alone 4 and I got Burlesque.  Clearly D was not going to watch his by himself so I watched Home Alone with him. He was starting to doze but he caught parts of Burlesque while I was watching it and loved the dancing in the movie.  So there you have it - Family Movie Night, ha!
Sunday morning was Fathers Day so I got up early so Kevin could sleep in. I promised D we would make Daddy cinnamon rolls with his breakfast but I forgot to buy them the day before so we ran out to Kroger while Daddy was still asleep.  We found him awake when we came back home and D immediately wanted him to open his Fathers Day gifts.

Kevin collects the mini Riddell NFL helmets.  He got 2 more so he has a total of 19 out of the 32 teams so we are getting there.

Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Bucs today!

Then Mommy cooked up a huge breakfast of bacon....

Fried eggs.....

And the cinnamon rolls...............!

It was a delicious breakfast. We were not sure what we were going to do the rest of the day because D got a little bit of a snot nose, my guess is from the previous weeks swim lessons, so we did not want him to swim more that day.  We decided to head to the movies for this:

Mr. Popper's Penguins

It was such a cute movie and I am not really a Jim Carey fan.  I do recommend though.....

I knew that K wanted to grill out that evening as part of his Fathers Day dinner.  Here is D helping Daddy skewer some shrimp.

Zatarain's yellow rice.....must be the yellow..........

Starting the grill with his Daddy

Now taking huge leaps and jumping off his swing set now.....ugh!

And a perfect end to a wonderful Fathers Day.....K had surf and turf and I had a salmon pinwheel stuffed with lobster meat......We love our HEB Central Market!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim Lessons

We signed D up for 5 sessions of private swim lessons through our community pool.  We were set for 3 days one week and two days the next week.  We were not sure how he would do so we did not want to pay for more than 5 to start, I am sure you understand.....! Two weeks ago we started and let me just tell you that day 1 was a 'fail' in my book.  Dominic would not go to Ms Emily to even get started.  It took 10 minutes to get him off the steps and the lesson is only 30 *sigh*

Let me preface all of this by why he is so fearful.  D had his first set of tubes at 10 mos, second set of tubes and adenoidectomy at 2.5 yrs old and finally a tonsillectomy at 4 yrs old.  Needless to say ear, nose and throat is where all our issues were for the first 4 years.  That being said, he could never get his ears wet because of the tubes so we had to instill that in him.  Now we are preaching the reverse to him so it was a little harder transition but he did exceptional.
Here is the beginning of that lesson. Clearly D is very nervous to let go of the side.  Ms Emily is the most awesome swim coach.  I read people well as do most children and she has what it takes.

FINALLY....off the steps and into her arms but you see how he is angled in her arms so as to not show he might be okay with it......just yet.

That is about the extent of the first lesson.....wait, oh yea there was actual crying in her arms but I did not capture that.  I was way frazzled by that point!

Here is day #2 and we had made quite a bit of progress with trusting her, etc.  He was ready to put the face in.

Now she is introducing the kick board and we are back to negative nick, on the stairs again.  Oi!

And Ms Emily did it again, she got him on the board and he did several laps back and forth.  I must say it is quite a work out for this 5 yr old that also started no naps at daycare to prepare him for Kinder in the Fall.  Did I mention Dad and I are really digging these no naps/ swim lesson combo?  Well WE ARE!!!

Here she lets go and you can see by her mouth wide open, she is congratulating him.  Not good
Ms Em, not good, lol. This is when he started freaking out because she was not holding on.  It was actually funny as much as I hate to admit it!

Now he is kicking while holding onto the board and taking dips under and back up in between.  In case you are wondering, yes we are rookies because he should have had goggles to help him with this, ugh!
He was doing so good

Up and down for breaths but poor guy kept his eyes closed.  Again - need goggles.

After 4 lessons he was doing awesome.  I could not believe how much progress he made in 4 short lessons.  All he wants to do now is swim and stick his head under.

Things should improve now >>>>>  Yeah, goggles!

Tomorrow is our final make-up lesson to total 5.  I am so proud of what he has done and continues to do.  We'll see if we want to take the plunge and spend the $ to sign up for 5 more but right now Mama needs a break from full time work and swim lessons!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Torretta - (Day 2)

Good Morning sleepy head!  I love me a tired munchkin that sleeps like a rock.....of course it costs me $ to get him to this point, hence the resort, ha!  But, well worth it.  He slept with mama in the King Bed and did not move one time all night.  Friday at the resort wore him out.  See his jammies?  After all he is "Mom's Rock Star":)

Of course he wakes up rockin and rolling and wants to know what we are doing, when we are doing it and why we are still sitting - approximately 5 minutes after we all woke up!  He and Daddy went for coffee and scored a pastry too!

Beautiful morning on the lake

View of a small portion of the waterpark from our room

This is the infinity pool attached to another huge pool

The lazy river that was awesome.  We went several times and I snuck in some laps alone!
My boy that did this water slide 452 times and never tired
Good photography, not gonna lie, he he!
Sweet cheeks full o' sunscreen

Love it!  Smoothe landing if you will......

Ok, here is the big bucket of water that fills and spills every minute or so.  Did not take Dominic long to figure out this rhythm and wait until it dropped before he made another round up to slide down..

Here we are in the big pool.  D is a little comfortable for someone who does not know how to swim!

After a full day at the water park on Saturday, we headed back to nap and rest.  Which I must say, EVERYONE did partake in this!  We were wiped but we got rejuvented to shower and head to dinner.  Dominic is again, acting bored after nap in the hotel.

Bath time before heading to dinner but let me mention we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for these motorcycles.  We made a huge mistake, a rookie mistake, and did not bring one single toy!  Ugh, trying to pack after work and cook dinner and do a million other things at once and you end up forgetting things.......

For some reason I look like I just woke up from the nap I just woke up from or I look swollen or something but whatever!  After showers on our way to dinner......

We landed at Shogun Japanese, yes!  The resort had a sushi bar but apparently the sous chef walked out and they had not found a replacement....really?  Are you kidding me, that is why we are staying here!!!!  Ok, not really but dang, I love me some sushi so my husband found me some!  Ever had the young little waitress that brings EVERYTHING to your table at one time?  We did......ugh!
After dinner we set out to make some Smores!
They were really good!

Then we got a wild hair and headed to play putt putt at the resort at almost 10pm....it was Dominic's first time and it was hilarious!
He would hit it then touch everyones golf balls before they finished but we made memories and that is all that matters.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

La Torretta - Lake Conroe (Day 1)

We knew we wanted to spend a long weekend somewhere this Summer for our family vacation.  LaTorretta had been one of the places we thought about visiting.  Our family was blessed and Kevin accepted a new job and was set to start the first of June so we knew we had to move our trip up to last weekend!  It would obviously be some time before he would have off from work.

Here we are arriving Friday mid-morning at the resort.  We got lucky and were able to check in upon arrival!  None of that 3pm check in crud!

The suite was gorgeous, very modern and large, about 600 sq feet.  We had a King bed and a sofa sleeper in the living room.

This is the sofa sleeper

Here is the view of Lake Conroe from our suite.

The resort has a marina where you can rent jet ski's, a ski boat or a pontoon boat by the hour or longer.  We chose the pontoon since we had the little man with us.

This was D's first boat ride so he was very curious.

I adore this picture of him and his daddy.  He had a lot of questions for Kevin.  As usual I am behind the camera and the video camera the whole time it seemed!

He was a little nervous about walking in the boat but he finally got comfortable and moved to the chair up front.

We knew they had a tube we could use and we thought one of us would take Dominic while the other one drove.  However, the law states one person must drive and the other holds up an orange flag and they are the look-out.  Take a guess who did which job, ha!

Leaving the marina D pointed out the Tahoe and Kevin and I thought oh my!  Hope it doesn't fall in the water (valet).  I had to snap this photo (for insurance purposes, lol)

Little Mister Lifeguard

The first night we decided to have dinner at the resort and it was an expensive buffet.  Expensive because I do not eat a lot of meat so I don't ever feel worthy of those prices not to mention I rarely, rarely do anything with the word buffet in it, yuck!

But the salad bar was awesome and hubs even went back for seconds!  Here we are before leaving our room.

After dinner walking around the resort and marina.

First you see the water park at the resort then the Lake is in the background.

Every evening the hotel lights this huge grill on their little beach cove so you can roast marshmallows and make Smores (tm)!  The kids (and adults) loved it!

And what's a resort without a life size game of checkers?  Ever thought how many times the staff has to line those dern things up again?

My boys.

A rare event:  Daddy behind the camera and he got a great shot!  Go Daddy!

We actually did the water park on Friday and Saturday but that will come in the next post.  We turned in around 9:30p after a very long day and everyone slept like a rock!