Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day started a bit early for this Mama!  Thursday at work I got these delivered:

From one sweet husband.....

Of course I brought them home to enjoy them....

They had this sweet note attached from my hubby...

And here is THE reason I am a mama....love this boy!
Few family photos in our back yard before heading to church.
I would not be a mama without either of these boys, ha!

     Snapping some photos of D in the courtyard of our church.

After church we headed out to The Woodlands' Market Street and had reservations for lunch at Tommy Bahamas.  Thank goodness we did, it was very crowded!

I did not get any pics of the food, all delicious because our res was for 1:30p so we were starving!

After lunch we wanted to walk around Market Street to see all the shops, etc.  We had not been out there before and the weather was perfect although a little on the warm side!

They have an area where sprinklers come up from the ground and kids can play to their hearts content and get as wet as their parents' will allow!  We did not but I loved the Spring flowers in the back ground of this photo.

Do you recognize this logo?

Cold Stone Creamery!  D had to get some ice cream, of course!
Great ending to a wonderful Mother's Day with my boys.
Kevin and Dominic - I love you both more than you can ever imagine, thank you for a special day!

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