Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter 2011

We celebrated Easter with Kev's parents this year.  The weather was beautiful and the fun was plentiful!  We left Houston very early on Good Friday (6:30a) to arrive in the Hill Country in time for lunch.

Kevin and his Dad, Papa K, relaxing in the new high top barstool patio set.

Dominic has a stash of toys that stay in Kerrville which is awesome because it's like all new toys when we visit!  He loves his little green motorcycle.


Alway trying to grab my cheaters!!

Dominic will tell you the thing he looks most forward to in Kerrville is Sasha, the dog.  She is super sweet and seems to really tolerate him always all over her.

Saturday we got up and headed to Fredericksburg to eat at Hondo's.  Great little quaint bar/ restaurant with inside and outside seating, yet still small and cozy.

We spotted this little squirrel on our walk over to the restaurant.  He seemed to only stay a few steps ahead of us as opposed to darting up a tree.  He finally found his out and was gone before we knew it!

Thought this was a neat car taking a stroll down Main Street.

Such a happy little boy, always smiling for Mommy's camera, ha!

Easter morning in his Mom's Rock Star p.j.'s 'cause little boy clothes are.......LIMITED.

Starting to scope out the goods from E.B. (Little reference from the movie "Hop")

Shark Tales, new movie for the DVD on the car ride home!

Kevin wanted to have an Easter Egg hunt for D so we put jelly beans and change in about 30 eggs and Kevin hid them in the back yard while D and I stayed inside and read books before he got the okay to come "hunt".

First score - he could not even wait to open it.

Love the action of this picture here, so determined!!

Oh, another one!

Daddy had a ton of places available to hide the eggs and D loved the challenge.

EB brought some awesome tattoo's for D too!
My Easter sweet pea about ready for the Easter dinner company to arrive for dinner.

The feast with the fam!


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