Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wind chimes and other unique outside decor

We just returned from visiting the in laws in the Texas Hill Country - Kerrville to be exact.  Yes, we were there for the Easter holiday but instead of highlighting that and blogging about it, I thought I would vere a bit.  This was my first trip with the new Canon and I just began snapping photos and objects like there was no tomorrow. Sure, I deleted a bunch of blurry/ moving target photos BUT I am having so much fun with this new hobby. I really want to take some photography classes, learn more about the camera and pursue this more.

Sorry: Got way side tracked with that little tid bit!  Here are some photos all taken out back at my in laws.  Great scenery but even better decor!

They have a very long covered deck in the rear and there are several wind chimes hanging on each section along the rim.  We got them these beauties last Christmas, I love the colors!

Then of course there are these....

There are bird feeders, hummingbird feeders and flying cows, ha!  Not sure what the cow's purpose is but it might also be a feeder.

Kevin calls this a wind compass, not sure of the exact name but it blows and tells you what direction, i.e. "wind compass"

Frog with shades...I mean, who doesn't need a frog with shades playing the sax on their railing?

The snake.  The smiling snake?

Love the silhouette of these chimes and the lighting in the back.  Might even be perceived as real cowboys if the chains were not there.  

Family of lady bugs climbing the rail road ties that were used to build a wall.  This wall gives them a small yard before you start up the hills in the back of the house.

Dinner bell....

John Wayne

And last but not least the chiminea fire.  I did not capture half of what their back looks like, I had no idea at the time I would turn this into a blog post - maybe next time!

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