Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last weekend we headed to Galveston.  We wanted to get there in April before it got too stinkin' hot and muggy in the next month or two.  It was extremely windy which was nice for cooling off purposes but BUT is was too windy to put the umbrella up and try to successfully fly the kite.

I also had visions of taking wonderful pictures of my big boy in the sand dunes minus the annoying sun and well, the wind!  He was trying though!

Are we done yet Mom?  'Cause Dad is setting up everything without me and this photo session is driving me insane!!!!

He got changed faster than Superman into his bathing suit and started digging.

The part that was most surprising to me was the amount of seaweed.  I grew up on the beach, I am familiar with seaweed but dang, it was about 3 feet tall.  Kevin carried Dominic over it and it "dropped"of into the water, there was no beach to even walk on. 

Here we are flying the kite we bought before leaving Houston.

A cool US Navy kite....

Dominic in action, jumping up trying to touch the kite and the streamers that flew behind it in the mass of wind!

Puff Cheeto break.  Best place to eat Puff Cheetos = outside!

He found a little dip in the sand.....

And thoroughly enjoyed rolling in it for a while! ha!

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