Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter decorations 2011

I have just a few decorations out and around to welcome Spring but more so for Easter.  I just love the bright colors.  I got this little Easter plaque for 50% off at Hob Lob for $7, too cute!

I also got this standing bunny for half off around the same price and he is solid wood. I added the little green polka "M" leaning against him from my art supplies/ decorating stash!

This blue wooden bunny has soft white polka dots and he came with a small purple ribbon, like the kind you see glued into the head of a newborn baby girl....ah, no - that had to go and I dug in my gift wrap supplies and came up with this blue ribbon from D's christening years ago and viola, major upgrade!

A group of these are on my mantle.  My MIL gave me the one of the left (3 total) and they are metal bobble heads and Easter themed.  The wooden chick came from CVS for .99c

I bought the wreath at CVS and it only had the small layer of colored eggs glued to it for $9.99.  I added everything else.  The pink and green stems coming out on each side, another "M" that I had in my art supply stash, pink tulle that I had to make it look more full, the pink, blue and green sequined eggs on the bottom right and lastly the two pink boa feathers that happen to be hair clips for little girls, ha!

Dominic got the yellow pale at a little girl's birthday party a few weeks ago with candy inside and a ballon attached as his goody bag.  I had a bag of 12 metallic eggs from Wal-Mart so I added some inside.

Then the remainder of the metallic eggs went into this clear vase and I tied the same blue ribbon around it that I used on the blue polka dot bunny mentioned above, cheap!

These cuties were another Hob Lob 50% off deal, no more than $10 if not cheaper.

They sit right on the sofa table next to Donut, our beloved Beta!

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