Thursday, April 28, 2011

So excited!

I am so excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  Who doesn't enjoy a great love story with a Princess wedding?  Best wishes to William & Catherine.  I will have to DVR it and watch it later that evening.  I remember exactly where I was sitting when I watched his Mum marry Charles in 1981, I was just 11 yrs old but I remember how beautiful it was.

Royal Wedding: Order of Service Announced | Kate Middleton, Prince William

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wind chimes and other unique outside decor

We just returned from visiting the in laws in the Texas Hill Country - Kerrville to be exact.  Yes, we were there for the Easter holiday but instead of highlighting that and blogging about it, I thought I would vere a bit.  This was my first trip with the new Canon and I just began snapping photos and objects like there was no tomorrow. Sure, I deleted a bunch of blurry/ moving target photos BUT I am having so much fun with this new hobby. I really want to take some photography classes, learn more about the camera and pursue this more.

Sorry: Got way side tracked with that little tid bit!  Here are some photos all taken out back at my in laws.  Great scenery but even better decor!

They have a very long covered deck in the rear and there are several wind chimes hanging on each section along the rim.  We got them these beauties last Christmas, I love the colors!

Then of course there are these....

There are bird feeders, hummingbird feeders and flying cows, ha!  Not sure what the cow's purpose is but it might also be a feeder.

Kevin calls this a wind compass, not sure of the exact name but it blows and tells you what direction, i.e. "wind compass"

Frog with shades...I mean, who doesn't need a frog with shades playing the sax on their railing?

The snake.  The smiling snake?

Love the silhouette of these chimes and the lighting in the back.  Might even be perceived as real cowboys if the chains were not there.  

Family of lady bugs climbing the rail road ties that were used to build a wall.  This wall gives them a small yard before you start up the hills in the back of the house.

Dinner bell....

John Wayne

And last but not least the chiminea fire.  I did not capture half of what their back looks like, I had no idea at the time I would turn this into a blog post - maybe next time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last weekend we headed to Galveston.  We wanted to get there in April before it got too stinkin' hot and muggy in the next month or two.  It was extremely windy which was nice for cooling off purposes but BUT is was too windy to put the umbrella up and try to successfully fly the kite.

I also had visions of taking wonderful pictures of my big boy in the sand dunes minus the annoying sun and well, the wind!  He was trying though!

Are we done yet Mom?  'Cause Dad is setting up everything without me and this photo session is driving me insane!!!!

He got changed faster than Superman into his bathing suit and started digging.

The part that was most surprising to me was the amount of seaweed.  I grew up on the beach, I am familiar with seaweed but dang, it was about 3 feet tall.  Kevin carried Dominic over it and it "dropped"of into the water, there was no beach to even walk on. 

Here we are flying the kite we bought before leaving Houston.

A cool US Navy kite....

Dominic in action, jumping up trying to touch the kite and the streamers that flew behind it in the mass of wind!

Puff Cheeto break.  Best place to eat Puff Cheetos = outside!

He found a little dip in the sand.....

And thoroughly enjoyed rolling in it for a while! ha!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter decorations 2011

I have just a few decorations out and around to welcome Spring but more so for Easter.  I just love the bright colors.  I got this little Easter plaque for 50% off at Hob Lob for $7, too cute!

I also got this standing bunny for half off around the same price and he is solid wood. I added the little green polka "M" leaning against him from my art supplies/ decorating stash!

This blue wooden bunny has soft white polka dots and he came with a small purple ribbon, like the kind you see glued into the head of a newborn baby girl....ah, no - that had to go and I dug in my gift wrap supplies and came up with this blue ribbon from D's christening years ago and viola, major upgrade!

A group of these are on my mantle.  My MIL gave me the one of the left (3 total) and they are metal bobble heads and Easter themed.  The wooden chick came from CVS for .99c

I bought the wreath at CVS and it only had the small layer of colored eggs glued to it for $9.99.  I added everything else.  The pink and green stems coming out on each side, another "M" that I had in my art supply stash, pink tulle that I had to make it look more full, the pink, blue and green sequined eggs on the bottom right and lastly the two pink boa feathers that happen to be hair clips for little girls, ha!

Dominic got the yellow pale at a little girl's birthday party a few weeks ago with candy inside and a ballon attached as his goody bag.  I had a bag of 12 metallic eggs from Wal-Mart so I added some inside.

Then the remainder of the metallic eggs went into this clear vase and I tied the same blue ribbon around it that I used on the blue polka dot bunny mentioned above, cheap!

These cuties were another Hob Lob 50% off deal, no more than $10 if not cheaper.

They sit right on the sofa table next to Donut, our beloved Beta!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April weekend 2011

Our neighbor, Uncle Eric, was kind enough to let Dominic spend most of Saturday with him as he made some repairs to his Toy Hauler on the loading ramp for his Harley.  It started by him inviting D to go with him to pick up his trailer from storage and bring it back home for the repairs.  Well, he had him hooked!  There is no just inviting him and not well, letting him be involved in the rest of the day! ha!

Needless to say, because he spent lots of time over across the street today, Daddy and I were able to get a bunch of stuff done!  A BUNCH. THANK YOU Uncle Eric!

Daddy mowed and I pulled weeds, tons of them.  And look, my flowers are blooming!

Knock out roses: One of the prettiest, easiest flowers!

I picked out red a few years ago and Kevin picked out the white ones.  They are planted in front of our hedges in the front yard.

And we had a 8:30a visit from the Geek Squad.  Best Buy has always been #1 with us in customer service and we always make sure to buy warranties, thank goodness!  He had to replace a board on the back of our TV in our bedroom and he was here maybe 20-25 minutes and it would have cost $250.  For us = $69.99 was the cost of the warranty at time of purchase....always buy warranties folks!

Potted flowers on the back patio.........waiting for the bougenvilla to bloom in the pot with the "M".  It was protected all winter so I know it is fine, just nothing yet.

My first hanging basket.  I got the itch for one this year.  I must admit I never really cared for them when I was a kid and my granny had tons of them everywhere, or maybe it was just the cluttered jungle feel in her backyard, ha!

It had been hot enough to get the pool back out so K did that today.  Here he is getting all the wrinkles out before starting to fill it.

I was juggling pulling weeds, helping K with the pool, checking on Dominic across the street AND tons of laundry on my bed!  Busy busy!

Starting to fill the pool......Hot, Sunny and HUMID.

My wonderful husband and all my tedious projects!  He drilled holes to mount the bracket for the hanging basket.  I love this flower too, the bougenvilla, easy and blooms all the time for most of the year.  Can't wait to see it get bigger and bigger and enjoy it from sitting in the pool.  I told K this must have come from somewhere tropical straight to Lowes to have this many blooms!

D finally came back home to his "boring" parents and could not wait to get in the pool.  By now though, it had turned over cast again and the water was cold.  He got in and convinced his daddy too!  My sweet boys, I love 'em.

Horseplay is always the name of the game with D and K in the pool.

Looking forward to cooking fajitas outside today and hopefully some sunshine before back to the bump and grind tomorrow.  I heart weekends with my fam.