Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Texan Day 2011

Every year, down here in Houston, we have Go Texan Day.  This is the day that the whole city is urged to dress up in cowboy/ cowgirl attire and wear to work and school.

We took Dominic to get a nice pair of boots (2 sizes bigger in hopes to get 2 yrs out of them) and a hat.  He wanted to wear them everywhere, including playing outside!

Dominic playing with Uncle Eric, our neighbor, his idol!

Friday morning Feb 25th was the day to wear his gear.  No problems getting him up and dressed that morning.

I LOVE this shot, he looks like a little George Strait....

Never mind the Old Navy shirt, that wasn't my plan!  4 yr olds have a mind of their own, at least it matches I suppose.  And a few people already asked about the plant.  It is not a prop but we had been out of town for a week at Disney and it needed some sunshine so I moved it in front of the glass door!

Here are the expensive fancy little boots with blue stitching.  He insisted they be tucked in!

The purpose of Go Texan Day is to kick off the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  The trailriders ride into town over several days, camping out each night and eventually make their way to Reliant Stadium for the BBQ cook-off.

Just so happens that they come right by my office every year.  They had already traveled 120 miles by horse by the time they reached us that morning.

Everyone comes out to say hello and welcome them to town!

This particular trail ride, the Salt Grass Trail Ride, is the original one and there was quite a few people riding.  They had 3 police officers riding with them as well.

We will be taking Dominic to the rodeo for the first time next weekend, can't wait!

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