Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disney Day 5 - Magic Kingdom

Day 5, our final day, started out well.  We got an early start, mapped out our plan for MK and we were on our way.  We got right in the park and rode Buzz Lightyear and an outdoor spaceship ride up in the sky.  3 adults even got their fast passes ready for Space Mountain to return and ride, within the hour.

I was excited about this, our last day!  Here is the boy as we were leaving our room that morning.

The Buzz Lightyear ride, such a neat ride!

On our way to the restrooms we saw Chip and Dale and of course we needed to wait in line to have them sign D's book.

All the characters are so interactive without EVER saying a word, that is a talent! Dominic was so cute with them here.

Next Dominic and Daddy went to drive the Indy 500 cars while the in laws and I grabbed fast passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride....that never was but I am getting to that.

Love all these character topiaries

After Dominic and Daddy finished the Indy cars we headed straight across to a restaurant/ food court style for lunch.  There was tons of people and each line is divided by railing.  Since Dominic choses to climb on anything and everything the railing was no different so before Kevin or I could see him, he was up on top straddled like a horse.  We both semi yelled for him to "get down" and we must have scared him because he missed the bar in between and fell straight on his head on the hard flooring.

Fast forward thru EMT's coming twice (first time he checked out okay but then he threw up everywhere so we called them back) a stretcher, a neck brace, an ambulance ride, lots of crying and a Mommy & Daddy who were extremely worried..........

This is in the ambulance. D fell asleep from all the trauma with his ordeal.  They said it was fine that he slept and the ride was about 20 minutes outside of Disney.

When he awoke, he was cold and a little out of it.  We just kept assuring him we were not leaving him but we had to get him checked out by the doctor first.

Disney sent us into the ambulance with "to go" food since we never ate and a new Mickey shirt for Dominic and Mommy since he threw up all over both of us. They were exceptional with our entire ordeal.

Typical E.R. waiting game but they did bring him colors and a pirate eye patch.

He is getting restless at this point so he is now sitting up in his bed.  We had a CT scan and I went in there with him so he was not alone.  Here we are waiting for the results of the neck and head. It was a total of 3 hrs but everything came out clear so we were released and hailed a cab back to our hotel.

Our last evening was the restaurant I had been looking forward to the whole trip.  It was called O'hana at the Polynesian hotel.  Here is D all cleaned up, post op, with his new shirt courtesy of Disney and a wonderful smile.  It had only been about 5 hrs since the accident and you would never know!  Thank you Jesus for letting our baby come out of this okay.

Very windy after waiting outside for the monorail.

Entering the Polynesian........

Waiting at the bar.......

We could see the nightly fireworks from the large window in the restaurant.

Singing happy birthday to Dominic and the waiter put the two saucers up behind him as Mickey ears!

Before our departure the next morning we headed to the gift shop at our hotel so I could purchase a Christmas ornament and a Disney photo album.  D was being silly trying on the hats......

And that concludes our 5 day trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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