Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last weekend we planned a camping trip to Coldspring (next to Livingston) with our neighbors.
The boys took off work on Friday and took Dominic with them to get the toy hauler set up then the girls joined them after work.  We got there about 5:45p and Dominic was so excited to tell me what all he had already done that day!  Biggest thrill by far was the camp fire so we had to draw a "Dominic" line in the sand....a line he could not cross by the fire pit.  He enjoyed gathering firewood/sticks, etc in the woods behind our site.

Eric and Bru cooked us chicken wings with carrots and celery.
Somehow I did not get a picture of the wings.....too dark?  errr, jumped right in to eating! ha!

Then we roasted marshmellows but discovered D does not like them cooked! Go figure, he just wanted to eat them from the bag.....

Saturday morning we got up and Aunt Bru made a wonderful breakfast for everyone.  Blueberry pancakes, eggs, sausage and toast!  Wow, it was delicious.  That's fancy camping!

Collecting more firewood....

Kevin playing his favorite game of quaits..........

Then we took a long family bike ride.  The weather was gorgeous, we followed some trails and had an awesome time.

Stopping along the way for many pics......

Back to the campsite to play with the remote control ATV.....

Drink some wine.......

My baby picked me some flowers, so sweet!

I think my pics are out of order because we headed out to take a look at Lake Livingston and on the way back Uncle Eric let D drive the B.B.T. (Big Bad Truck)

The gang minus Daddy the photographer.

Daddy got the pit ready for Saturday nights dinner....

Yummy kabobs!

I did not get any pics Sunday morning but Aunt Bru made another fantastic breakfast (Thank you!) and we took one last bike ride before packing up, losing one hour to the time change, and heading back home.  It was a nice weekend get-a-way.

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