Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Love Story

Want to read a good love story?  Then you should read the one below:
"Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" by Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman.

She is a fantastic blogger and she also has a cookbook out.  I believe a second one is in the making.

I have made several of her recipes just from visiting her website, thepioneerwoman.com
and they were easy and delicious.

In the book she shares how she fell in love with a real life cowboy in Oklahoma.  I read what she posted of Black Heels on line but the book continues on thru the first year of marriage.  She is hilarious and funny and what a great read!

There was talk this might be made into a movie one day.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houston Rodeo 2011

Friday night I planned a trip for the three of us to go to the rodeo and the concert.  MeMe and Papa K even sent Dominic a cute rodeo shirt to go with his boots and hat.  We decided to take the park & ride and boy, was this another fun adventure from Dominic (who is fresh off many shuttle buses at Disney!)

Trying to snap a picture of Reliant Stadium from inside the bus!

I still get chills when I see the Houston Astrodome next door to it.  Lots of chilhood memories there!
After all, IT IS the 8th wonder of the world!

Kevin and I had $5 tacos from Berryhill.  They were expensive but delicious.  D had pizza and some Dots.
Oh Dots - how we should have bought stock in you...

The weather was gorgeous and it was very crowded, especially with Spring Breakers!

The start of the Rodeo.......

Beautiful flag but poor D still kept his hands over his ears for a while following this display of loud
indoor fireworks!

I look so wind blown from the outside eating we did prior to the walk over to Reliant.  Boys have it so easy with short hair and in this case, a cowboy hat!

The bull riding!  D could not wait to see what this was all about.....

The little chuck wagon races even made him stand up, he was very interested :)

The Muttin Bustin was too cute.  5 and 6 yr old kids with helmets on riding sheep to see who could
stay on the longest, it was hilarious!

Alan Jackson, a classic.  He looks the same just older.  This was his 19th year at the HLS&R, wow!

On the way out after 11pm - late for the Mero clan on a Friday night, (we got up at 5am!) whew!

Dominic had a blast and fell asleep when we got in the car AFTER the shuttle ride back!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last weekend we planned a camping trip to Coldspring (next to Livingston) with our neighbors.
The boys took off work on Friday and took Dominic with them to get the toy hauler set up then the girls joined them after work.  We got there about 5:45p and Dominic was so excited to tell me what all he had already done that day!  Biggest thrill by far was the camp fire so we had to draw a "Dominic" line in the sand....a line he could not cross by the fire pit.  He enjoyed gathering firewood/sticks, etc in the woods behind our site.

Eric and Bru cooked us chicken wings with carrots and celery.
Somehow I did not get a picture of the wings.....too dark?  errr, jumped right in to eating! ha!

Then we roasted marshmellows but discovered D does not like them cooked! Go figure, he just wanted to eat them from the bag.....

Saturday morning we got up and Aunt Bru made a wonderful breakfast for everyone.  Blueberry pancakes, eggs, sausage and toast!  Wow, it was delicious.  That's fancy camping!

Collecting more firewood....

Kevin playing his favorite game of quaits..........

Then we took a long family bike ride.  The weather was gorgeous, we followed some trails and had an awesome time.

Stopping along the way for many pics......

Back to the campsite to play with the remote control ATV.....

Drink some wine.......

My baby picked me some flowers, so sweet!

I think my pics are out of order because we headed out to take a look at Lake Livingston and on the way back Uncle Eric let D drive the B.B.T. (Big Bad Truck)

The gang minus Daddy the photographer.

Daddy got the pit ready for Saturday nights dinner....

Yummy kabobs!

I did not get any pics Sunday morning but Aunt Bru made another fantastic breakfast (Thank you!) and we took one last bike ride before packing up, losing one hour to the time change, and heading back home.  It was a nice weekend get-a-way.

Friday, March 11, 2011

5th birthday family style!

Although we celebrated huge at Disney we thought it would be nice if Dominic could have his cousins over for some cake, ice cream, hot dogs and to sing Happy Birthday to him.  Our Disney trip was about 2 weeks before his actual birthday and from the time the festivities started this year until the end, it was almost a month long celebration!

He helped me make the cupcakes for his party later that afternoon.  He loves to put the "cups" in the pan for the cupcake batter.

And stir the batter.........

And ask to lick the beaters when we were done!

Ready to cook, 18 is plenty!

While those were cooking he helped me make the homemade green dip served at Chuy's.  I actually think mine tastes better than the restaurant because I have perfected it!

He pulled the leaves from the cilantro and in his 5 yr old terms, this was a rather tidious step but bless his heart he told me he would help me so I could go faster....(really, faster?)  ahem, okay!

Daddy took him out for some last minute errands so I could ice and sprinkle the Mickey Mouse (great theme, huh?) cupcakes.

And do a little table decorating and re-arranging.....

Here he is trying NOT to touch the cupcakes.

I bought this "5" at Hobby Lobby. It was plain brown paper like so I just spray painted it silver with a can I had and hot glued it to stand up straight. I also had some sticky letters in my arts and crafts stash so I put his initials on it too!

He and Daddy came home with these awesome "5" balloons!

I also found this Mickey Mouse stand up at Hobby Lobby so I bought it to add to my party planning stuff.  D really liked it.

Silly boys chillin before the party....

Love the clarity of the new camera but when someone has chocolate on their face.....well, you
can really see it!  ha!

Baby Gage having fun on the slide

Cousin Cole too......

Singing to the birthday boy.

Blowing out his cupcake.  Note: I only had 4 candles and asked him for forgiveness.  He was so sweet and
said, "Sure, it's okay Mommy."  Love him....

Cousin Morgan enjoying her cake!

I did not get a good picture but we surprised D with a new bike, bigger and better!  His third one I might add.  He loves loves loves to ride his bike.

Kisses from Grandma Deborah

On Monday the 28th, his actual birthday, his class had this sign up..

Daddy and I came to the cake, ice cream and puff cheeto party (D requested this menu so that is what we brought).  He was so happy to see his daddy b/c he wasn't sure if he could make it or not.

Of course Mommy was there too.

That evening we planned a surprise dinner out....His guesses included Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, etc.....

We chose Shogun Japanese, he loves when they cook in front of you!

Whole table singing Happy Birthday to him....

When we got home our neighbors, Uncle Eric and Aunt Bru, came by to give him
a gift.  They are sweet like that!

It was a remote control ATV and he loves it.

Happy 5th Birthday baby boy, we love you so much!