Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Forty-Five!

We had the opportunity to send D to his grandmother's house Superbowl Sunday to spend the night so that we could actually sit down and watch the game!

I packed him up and his daddy dropped him, his suitcase and his bike off!

Here they are loading up and trying to figure out how the DVD got on closed captioning.  My guess = Dominic Mero.  Oh well, closed caption it was so they could get on the road.

Kevin collects the mini Ridell NFL helmets and he is over half way there right now.  Tradition is he usually gets a least one new helmet for Christmas, maybe one for Fathers Day or Birthday and if he does not have the two teams that play in the Superbowl, he usually gets the one that is missing (not sure we ever needed two).  This year, we already had them both, score!

My new Valentine wreath that I just love!

We were having the neighbors over for the game so I got the house cleaned up then made my way to the kitchen.  I love to make Chuy's green dip (delicious and easy).....

Kevin was grilling the fajitas outside in the beautiful weather...

Cutting them up and sampling them too!

And yes, he even said okay when I suggested he put them on a heart shaped tray!!

The Packers running out to start the game!  K and I were both going for the Packers...

Touchdown Packers!  

It was a great game and it was nice to just sit down and actually watch it.  Way to go Aaron Rodgers and team!

I picked up Dominic Monday after work.  He was completely spoiled for 2 days at his grandma's and it is always such a struggle to get him back on track.  There is always crying involved because he wants to know when the NEXT visit will be.  He did come home with a new toy....

A hot red Mustang with gray pinstripes....See the brake lights on?
It also has real headlights...!

Look how serious he is just banging up all my baseboards.....

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