Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 5th birthday Dominic!

Dear Dominic:  Today you turn 5 years old.  You are now a whole hand little guy.  Daddy and I love you so much, it is the most amazing love ever.  5 yrs ago this morning, Mommy was very nervous on the way to the hospital to have you.  I knew it would be via C-section and as much as I wanted to meet you and have you here, I was still so scared. 

Here you are about 2 weeks old at home with Mommy.

One of my favorite onesies when you were about 2 months old.

In the bath with Daddy, you two still love to hang out in bubble baths!

The morning of our first family photo, I remember this like yesterday.

Still hungry?

Daddy was the first one to feed you from a spoon at 4 months old.

Your first visit to the pool at 4 months.

Your first haircut at 6 months old!

You looked like a little boy to me after the haircut but compared to the little boy you really are NOW, this was nothing!

The first time your little feet touched the grass, you did not know what to think!

Your first Halloween, a picture I still have in a frame.

Your first football season with Daddy!

Your first Christmas!

Your first birthday and taste of cake!!

Your second birthday was Elmo themed.  Even Daddy wore an Elmo shirt!

Your 3rd birthday was Thomas the Train themed and again, Daddy also wore a Thomas shirt!

Your 4th birthday was a clown and circus theme!

And of course, your 5th birthday was celebrated at Disney World last week with a small family gathering when we returned and a surprise dinner out tonight with Mommy and Daddy!

We love you so so much and are so glad you are ours.

Love - Mommy & Daddy

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