Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disney shirts!

We will be heading to the happiest place on earth very soon!  To make the trip more fun filled for Dominic and myself, I ordered shirts from Etsy for Dominic and made myself 2 shirts and 2 hats.

We will be celebrating Dominic's 5th birthday, hence the expensive trip! ha!

I think this is my favorite simply because it has the "5" on it.  My how time flies.  I can not believe my baby will be starting Kinder in August.  August 22nd to be exact, but who is counting.

To celebrate Valentines Day with the Mickster....

This is the first one I made for myself.  Black shirt Hob Lob ($4.99), zebra material (few bucks), rhinestones ($3.00) -LOVE it!

See the hearts?  Mommy is ready for V-Day too!

Random Wal-Mart find.  About to check out and glance over and see this in the girls section.  Are you kidding me?  Mine, $7, yes!

Mickey is sitting on D's suitcase along with all his shirts he lined up.

I let him wear the red one to school this week.....on chicken nugget day to insure no lunch stains.....

And to help this grumpy morning try to get easier...........

Pink hat Hob Lob ($1.99) and iron on fleur de lis ($2.99)

Same with the black hat and rhinestone "M"....

Still working on something for Daddy but he does not seem too interested, oh well!

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