Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney Day 4 - Epcot

Another beautiful, cool and sunny morning started our day #4 at Disney's Epcot park.

Mero Trio!

First ride thru the gate, Spaceship Earth!  Awesome ride to say the least.  Dominic does not like tunnels but he had to overcome that little quirk pretty quick.  85% of the rides we rode all week were indoors or in tunnels that were dimly lit.....

"The Seas" was a Nemo stage show, very cute too!

D with an ice pop, it was actually pretty tasty!

Those are all blooming flowers in the wild yonder.  I spy Mickey Ears........

Paris! Finally!

Beauty and the Beast topiary, unbelievable...

Belle and the Beast with Dominic.  He wasn't getting next to this big guy alone so I am also in the picture :)

A bridge somewhere in Italy....

And there's Papa K in Italy as well.....

Kevin was on a mission and he finally located some Bratwurst in Germany.  Little man ate several bites too!

We were the last ones in line for Snow White.  What I love about this picture is Dominic is slightly nervous so he is twirling his hair.  I think that is so precious.

After buying some perfume in Norway, we ended our site seeing with Mexico and the Sombrero wearing Donald Duck!

We had dinner at the fabulous Le Cellier Steak house.  It was such a long day that Dominic actually fell asleep at dinner (lesson learned, make dinners earlier as there is no time to go back to hotel and rest in between like I wanted to!)

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