Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom & Valentines Day!

Monday morning was Day 3 but it was also Valentines Day! Of course this mama brought along some little goodies for her boys and while they showered I set them out with D's Mickey on the bed.  I won't even tell you how many times husband walked past it without noticing but the soon to be 5 yr old did not disappoint.  Dripping wet from his shower, D came right out and asked about the goodies!

Although Dominic went straight for the chocolate never even opening his card, "My Guy" did read his.

On the way to Animal Kingdom.......

This really was an awesome tattoo for Dominic seeing as it costs $15...yes, seriously.
They said it would last 7 days so we Daddy was sold on it.  Turns out most of it washed off that evening in the shower so that was a real bummer!

Love this.

After lunch we headed to Kilimanjaro Safari ride.

It was actually really neat, not just a ride in a bus.  The driver had a headset on and talked to us the whole time in addition to a "Man" working out in the field with the animals as if they were on a safari hunt.  It was like a skit and it was very cute.  The bus even goes over a bridge that is believed to be "falling apart" but it's all part of the Disney magic!

Headache anyone?

Rare White Rhino.......

MeMe on the drums!

Back at the hotel to shower and change for Valentines Day dinner......

The Fam

Taking the boat over to the Captains Grille at the Yacht Club

Nightly fireworks show we could see from the Yacht Club.

After dinner, waiting to take the boat back - borderline FREEZING and windy!

Day 3 down, exhausted and need sleep.......
Epcot is next!

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