Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney Day 2 - Hollywood Studios

We were so stinkin' tired after our travel day and first evening at Disney that this is how all of us looked in the morning.  Little man was very tired as you can see but we pressed on! 

We took our showers......

We headed out our door so Mommy could snap some photos by the water with her new camera!

I just cherish these tender photos of my boys, doesn't get much sweeter than those little hands.....

A rare moment when Daddy is the photographer - I heart my Canon!

On the way to the bus stop to catch the shuttle to HS.

Arriving at Hollywood Studios.  Every single day was mid 60's and clear blue skies.  Sometimes cooler but incredible all week long!

I was wondering why the entrance did not look familiar NOR did this big hat but I thought it was just my lapse of memory from 19 years ago..........

Until I saw this!  This was the entrance into the park 19 years ago, I knew I wasn't crazy! ha!

New York skyline at HS....

Waiting for our character lunch at "Hollywood & Vine"....

First character visit was from June, little Einsteins.

Then Leo, again Little Einsteins.

And Special Agent OSO!

The Mexican handyman, Handy Manny!

And again, birthday button = bday cupcake!

After lunch we headed to a stunt show.  I have to admit I was not too thrilled about this but it was fantastic. The stadium held 5,000 people and it was full to the max.  They showed us how they would take footage for a movie and behind the scene tricks!

Herbie the Love Bug made a debut........

They pulled a volunteer from the audience and let him believe he was driving this red car via remote control.  As you can see, there is a stunt man on the other side that the audience did not see until they exposed the secret!

My boys with a back drop of San Francisco at HS.

I love the look I was able to capture here.  No trip to Disney is complete without a Mickey shaped ice cream bar or 6 of them.  I kid!

Waiting for "Fantasmic" outdoor light show with Mickey to start........

There he is!

Belle and the Beast on a float during "Fantasmic"

As well as Snow White...

And the finale was a "boat load" of characters.....no pun intended!

It was another long and tiring 12 hour day but it was fantastic!
Day 3 coming up!

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