Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney - Arrival day

The excitement has been building in our house for about 9 months. Well, at least for Kevin and I!  Not too sure Dominic really got what Disney was all about because towards the end, the week we were to leave, he informed Kevin he was tired of us asking him if he was excited about going!  Kids, they just can't appreciate the value of the dollar and how many dollars it takes to get to Disney! ha!

Arriving at Houston's George Bush Airport, checking
our luggage.

We had a 9:30am flight so factor in parking, luggage, breakfast and security and I was up at 4am.  Here is Dominic so excited to see these aircraft up close.  He had nothing short of a million questions for us but I have to say, he sat at the window for a while staring at those jets!  I love experiencing all these "firsts" with him still.

Heading down the jet way for the first time!

About to board the plane behind Daddy!

Seat by the window, of course!

Daddy and Dominic arriving at the Orlando Airport.

Mommy and her baby waiting for the in-laws to arrive at the Orlando Airport.

Arriving on resort property.  Pictures taken from the shuttle bus = cut off pictures! ha!

At our hotel, Caribbean Beach Resort checking in and waiting for the shuttle to our building in "Jamaica".

Nemo was the theme of these rooms, very cute!

Dominic's Mickey from Houston

If you are celebrating your birthday at Disney, no matter the age, you get a button and if you wear it you are always acknowledged by staff and even other visitors with a big smile and a "Happy Birthday".  Dominic just kept saying, "Thank you" and smiling from ear to ear!

Our water view of the lake from our room.

Towards the hotel restaurant and swimming pool, again beautiful view!

Beautiful white sand beaches outside our room as well.

The pools are heated to 85 degrees but it was still cold outside for the lifeguards, ha!

Heading to eat at the hotel after checking in the first afternoon.

Arriving at Magic Kingdom, our first park on Saturday evening around 5pm.  We had another full day planned here but since today was the travel day we were limited this evening.

Ahhh!  THE castle of all castles!  Beautiful at night!

Dinner our first night was at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Hotel.

All 5 of us ready to see some characters and some food, ha!

First up, Goofy!  See how his big 'ole ear is covering D's face?  You buy an autograph book and pen so the kids can have all the characters autograph their book then there is a space next to it for the picture.  Needless to say, D filled his book by week's end! 

Then of course Mickey the Man!

And precious Minnie!

And cute Donald.  Kevin can do the Donald voice and started doing it for Dominic when he was little so it was funny to see him now.

Dominic's first of many cupcakes throughout this birthday button celebrating week!

Ditto for the adults.  Dessert was included with lunches and dinners.  Sure was.  See the cute little mickey mouse ears on the chocolate mousse?  And the miniature cheesecake and key lime pie.....

That was day 1/ travel day - stay tuned, more to come!

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