Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 5th birthday Dominic!

Dear Dominic:  Today you turn 5 years old.  You are now a whole hand little guy.  Daddy and I love you so much, it is the most amazing love ever.  5 yrs ago this morning, Mommy was very nervous on the way to the hospital to have you.  I knew it would be via C-section and as much as I wanted to meet you and have you here, I was still so scared. 

Here you are about 2 weeks old at home with Mommy.

One of my favorite onesies when you were about 2 months old.

In the bath with Daddy, you two still love to hang out in bubble baths!

The morning of our first family photo, I remember this like yesterday.

Still hungry?

Daddy was the first one to feed you from a spoon at 4 months old.

Your first visit to the pool at 4 months.

Your first haircut at 6 months old!

You looked like a little boy to me after the haircut but compared to the little boy you really are NOW, this was nothing!

The first time your little feet touched the grass, you did not know what to think!

Your first Halloween, a picture I still have in a frame.

Your first football season with Daddy!

Your first Christmas!

Your first birthday and taste of cake!!

Your second birthday was Elmo themed.  Even Daddy wore an Elmo shirt!

Your 3rd birthday was Thomas the Train themed and again, Daddy also wore a Thomas shirt!

Your 4th birthday was a clown and circus theme!

And of course, your 5th birthday was celebrated at Disney World last week with a small family gathering when we returned and a surprise dinner out tonight with Mommy and Daddy!

We love you so so much and are so glad you are ours.

Love - Mommy & Daddy

Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney Day 4 - Epcot

Another beautiful, cool and sunny morning started our day #4 at Disney's Epcot park.

Mero Trio!

First ride thru the gate, Spaceship Earth!  Awesome ride to say the least.  Dominic does not like tunnels but he had to overcome that little quirk pretty quick.  85% of the rides we rode all week were indoors or in tunnels that were dimly lit.....

"The Seas" was a Nemo stage show, very cute too!

D with an ice pop, it was actually pretty tasty!

Those are all blooming flowers in the wild yonder.  I spy Mickey Ears........

Paris! Finally!

Beauty and the Beast topiary, unbelievable...

Belle and the Beast with Dominic.  He wasn't getting next to this big guy alone so I am also in the picture :)

A bridge somewhere in Italy....

And there's Papa K in Italy as well.....

Kevin was on a mission and he finally located some Bratwurst in Germany.  Little man ate several bites too!

We were the last ones in line for Snow White.  What I love about this picture is Dominic is slightly nervous so he is twirling his hair.  I think that is so precious.

After buying some perfume in Norway, we ended our site seeing with Mexico and the Sombrero wearing Donald Duck!

We had dinner at the fabulous Le Cellier Steak house.  It was such a long day that Dominic actually fell asleep at dinner (lesson learned, make dinners earlier as there is no time to go back to hotel and rest in between like I wanted to!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom & Valentines Day!

Monday morning was Day 3 but it was also Valentines Day! Of course this mama brought along some little goodies for her boys and while they showered I set them out with D's Mickey on the bed.  I won't even tell you how many times husband walked past it without noticing but the soon to be 5 yr old did not disappoint.  Dripping wet from his shower, D came right out and asked about the goodies!

Although Dominic went straight for the chocolate never even opening his card, "My Guy" did read his.

On the way to Animal Kingdom.......

This really was an awesome tattoo for Dominic seeing as it costs $15...yes, seriously.
They said it would last 7 days so we Daddy was sold on it.  Turns out most of it washed off that evening in the shower so that was a real bummer!

Love this.

After lunch we headed to Kilimanjaro Safari ride.

It was actually really neat, not just a ride in a bus.  The driver had a headset on and talked to us the whole time in addition to a "Man" working out in the field with the animals as if they were on a safari hunt.  It was like a skit and it was very cute.  The bus even goes over a bridge that is believed to be "falling apart" but it's all part of the Disney magic!

Headache anyone?

Rare White Rhino.......

MeMe on the drums!

Back at the hotel to shower and change for Valentines Day dinner......

The Fam

Taking the boat over to the Captains Grille at the Yacht Club

Nightly fireworks show we could see from the Yacht Club.

After dinner, waiting to take the boat back - borderline FREEZING and windy!

Day 3 down, exhausted and need sleep.......
Epcot is next!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney Day 2 - Hollywood Studios

We were so stinkin' tired after our travel day and first evening at Disney that this is how all of us looked in the morning.  Little man was very tired as you can see but we pressed on! 

We took our showers......

We headed out our door so Mommy could snap some photos by the water with her new camera!

I just cherish these tender photos of my boys, doesn't get much sweeter than those little hands.....

A rare moment when Daddy is the photographer - I heart my Canon!

On the way to the bus stop to catch the shuttle to HS.

Arriving at Hollywood Studios.  Every single day was mid 60's and clear blue skies.  Sometimes cooler but incredible all week long!

I was wondering why the entrance did not look familiar NOR did this big hat but I thought it was just my lapse of memory from 19 years ago..........

Until I saw this!  This was the entrance into the park 19 years ago, I knew I wasn't crazy! ha!

New York skyline at HS....

Waiting for our character lunch at "Hollywood & Vine"....

First character visit was from June, little Einsteins.

Then Leo, again Little Einsteins.

And Special Agent OSO!

The Mexican handyman, Handy Manny!

And again, birthday button = bday cupcake!

After lunch we headed to a stunt show.  I have to admit I was not too thrilled about this but it was fantastic. The stadium held 5,000 people and it was full to the max.  They showed us how they would take footage for a movie and behind the scene tricks!

Herbie the Love Bug made a debut........

They pulled a volunteer from the audience and let him believe he was driving this red car via remote control.  As you can see, there is a stunt man on the other side that the audience did not see until they exposed the secret!

My boys with a back drop of San Francisco at HS.

I love the look I was able to capture here.  No trip to Disney is complete without a Mickey shaped ice cream bar or 6 of them.  I kid!

Waiting for "Fantasmic" outdoor light show with Mickey to start........

There he is!

Belle and the Beast on a float during "Fantasmic"

As well as Snow White...

And the finale was a "boat load" of characters.....no pun intended!

It was another long and tiring 12 hour day but it was fantastic!
Day 3 coming up!