Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

We started out the day by heading to the Galleria in Houston.  We knew, as always, we had to get that little boy out of the house which is standard at some point every.single.day.  It's rather exhausting but so is the job of parenting!  Just have to roll with the punches.....

I thought it would be fun for Dominic to see the huge tree on display and well, walk, walk, walk and walk...possibly even run if he needed too.  Great prep for our Disney vacation coming up.  He did not disappoint, he was in full force, all boy, all the time. At one point I told him to run circles around a large pillar and by God he took on the challenge.  He never stops moving.

Our first stop was the Croc store.  We bought him his first pair of little jewelry dew-hickies that you attach to the crocs.  I hesitate to say jewelry and my son in the same sentence but you know what I mean.  He got a Mickey Mouse, Nemo, a school bus and some other something. He changed his mind a hundred times so I am not sure what that 4th one ended up being I just know I paid, as usual!  Here are my twin boys that day:

Dominic showing his Papa K what he got

In front of the huge Christmas tree that I remember when I was a kid!

Back at the homestead after a little down time telling Dominic we needed to rest before the big night, we headed over to the neighbors around 7p.  Everyone brought some Chicken Wings and a side or two and Uncle Eric spent a better part of the evening frying them up.  Dominic wanted to start fireworks pretty early so I was just sure we would be home by 8 or 9, the usual on NYE.

Things starting to get louder....

Real quick let me mention we found this yellow jacket earlier at Gap Kids while at the Galleria for 40% off and about $11, a total steal.....For some reason D wanted to wear it all day from the time we left the store until well....he still loves wearing it every day!

He discovered the "sparkler" this year, thanks to neighbors Jenna and Robert who had left overs from their wedding last March!  perfect.....!

Jenna and Robert also ended up bringing their fire pit over....Great idea, it got REALLY cold out!

Handsome hubs eating the last of some wings....

It's just a crawfish plate, NOT crawfish!  ha!

Shortly before 11pm when this little boy would crawl up into Mama's lap in front of the fire and actually fall asleep with fireworks in the back ground.  That my friends, is heaven.

Happy New Year to all!

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