Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Necktie Day, Harley's vs Huffy Rock-it!

Last week Daddy was out of town and D had "Wear a Necktie" to school day.  I had Kevin to tie the tie before he left so that all I had to do was adjust it when D put it on.  Here is D ready to go to school:

Hello Arthur Fonzerlli!  He looks to cool here...

Kevin ran inside and say, "I need the camera.  Dominc is going to race Uncle Eric and Aunt Bru to the end of the street and Back!"  Wait, what......?

Dominic loves his Uncle Eric and Aunt Bru.  They are so dear to him (and us of course!)

Here they are racing Dominic's "Rock-it" bike and their Harley to the cul-de-sac and back!

It appears he is in the lead...

And D is the winner!  He tells me he "beated" them....ha!  too cute!

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