Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bye Bye Love and lazy rainy Sunday!

About 3 months before Kevin proposed, he mentioned one day that he wanted to just go look at new cars.  We would spend every weekend together hanging out and doing fun things so this was no different.  Come to find out, he is not just a looker, he's a buyer.  I, on the other hand am more frugal!  I sat with him thru the purchase of his car but did not think much of it, we were just dating.  Fast forward a few months and we are now engaged and sharing financial responsibilty to pay for our own wedding then the beginning of our new future together.  He was a teensy bit quite a bit upside down on his trade in so he ended up with a large amount (in my opinion) to finance monthly.  Oh well, it was what it was and it was ours for the next 5 years!  We had a new home, a new baby with daycare costs and all the other finances two incur.  We kept her for 8 years and it was a good run but it was just time to look for something newer.  Things were starting to cost more and more and then the A/C went out just as "Winter" began and so on.  We came across an opportunity we just could not pass up.  Amazing enough after a promotion they were running, our trade in value and my employee discount, the new car doesn't cost that much more than the old one when we were financing it!  Here is D bored out of his mind at the car lot and yes, he needed a haircut bad!  He was good but buying a car still takes a while no matter what.

We said our goodbye's to the Xterra on Monday night when we went to pick up the new car.
Lots of memories from this car from getting married to having our son to taking our first family vacation!  Bye Bye Love!

It's been a rainy week so I don't have a great picture but here we are arriving home with Daddy's new Tahoe.  My husband works very hard and I am so glad the Lord has blessed us with this new used vehicle.

D went to Grandma's Saturday morning for an over nighter (high five for our much needed evening alone!)
and we picked him up this morning.  It's hard to entertain him with this rainy weather but we are trying.  He and his daddy played with the trains...

And we played with the Lite Brite......
Dominic has been working on the Lite Brite for almost 1 hour - UN-HEARD of.....

I LOVE my new camera and the clarity it has!
Time to watch football!  Go Mark Sanchez, I mean GO JETS!

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