Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010, part 2 - Turkey Day

We woke up on Thanksgiving Day and the temps were a little cool.  Cool to me is still a chill, I am always cold!  We knew we had to take D out for a while to burn some energy and it was a beautiful day to say the least so we headed to the park for a while.  I had a picture from that but since Blogger won't let you re-arrange your picture uploads, I am just moving forward.  It did not take long for the temps to drop to really
cool outside.  I understand Houston received a lot of rain Thursday and Friday but not Kerrville.  The cold front just came in and within a hour it was just COLD!

Every afternoon around 4p, Dominic and his daddy and/or his Papa K, feed the deer. Here he is putting the container back in the garage.

My cute baby boy sporting his daddy's team.

My two most important roles are because of these boys.
Wife & Mother.

The deer waited patiently for Dominic to toss the corn, practically kernel by kernel!
And he had a lot! ha!

It was time for the turkey to come out of the oven.
Here she is the 20 lb'er....

I did not get any pictures of Uncle Rick and Aunt Helen who joined us OR of the
feast but it was very good!  Dominic taking a moment to draw on the TV tray with Sasha the
dog at his side.

On this visit Kevin and I realized he became a little more brave and exploratory.  More climbing, more
going off to explore by himself, climbing trees, etc.

Here is his thumbs up to Mommy that he was having a grand ole time just
being a kid.

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