Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010, final part - Six Flags!

We had one last chance to use our Six Flags season passes for 2010 and we heard Six Flags had "Holiday in the Park" so we headed that way on Black Friday.  The park did not open until 4p since the point was to see all the lights.

Here we are arriving:

This the the day the cold front arrived so we knew within the hour the sun would be gone and it would be really cold.  Thankfully, we were very prepared!

This is on the way in to see Santa but turns out the line was really looong so we turned around and headed back out, ha!

Santa's elves hard at work as part of the decorations while "waiting" for Santa....
if you so chose to spend all your time in line.

Daddy on the Wiggles helicopters....

Mommy got Big Red Car this time!

I love the outline of the buildings with all the lights - so magical....

D just stopped and sat down, Kevin and I were cracking up!
He is never tired like this - look out Disney!

HUGE step for Dominic to actually pose with and say hello to a
character.  Until now, he had to keep quite a distance from any and all characters and we kept
telling him he would be seeing a LOT of them at Disney so he better start finding some love in his heart
for them or he would be miserable trying to avoid them for 5days....he he!


Fireworks?.....see Santa in the red?

Countdown to a tree lighting section by section...

And low and behold behind the fireworks was jolly 'ole St. Nick himself,
laughing and carrying on at the top of the building!

Mommy and her boy at the bottom of the hu-mungo tree.
I have seen a lot of trees in my day but never one this big, in person.

One last ride before leaving the park...

Hasta La Vista Six Flags, it's been a good 2010!

At breakfast Saturday morning...

Then out to Uncle Rick and Aunt Helen's house
for some tree climbing and exploring....

What a cute Santa blow up on the way back home.

Our last evening in Kerrville and K and D make at least one
fire in the chiminea each visit, it was cold and perfect for the fire too!

And just for kicks I was surprised to see the deer
venture down this far into the neighbors back yard area!

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