Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He finally did it - on HIS terms of course!

Dominic finally decided it was time to meet Santa!  Of course we took him his first year so we have that photo for memories and the second year Santa came to daycare and that picture is cute too.  After that, the last 2 years Dominic has said, "No way Jose, I ain't talking to him."  He even told us we could tell Santa what he wanted.  So this year I did not even ask more than once early in the season and just resigned myself to believing we would not have any for our photo albums.

Then last Tuesday morning happened.  As he was walking out the door to school early that morning he told Kevin, "I need to talk to Santa."  I was shocked!  I guess the peer pressure from school got to him and maybe the other kids were talking about what they told Santa and D realized he better get up on his lap if he wanted anything for Christmas, ha!

The line was long but mostly filled with adults and strollers, non of which would be sitting on Santa's lap.  Here we are enjoying a pretzel while we wait:

They had  several huge Christmas trees set up!

Here is Santa!

My boy did so good, K and I were so proud of him!

D and Mommy signing the "I've been nice book!"

Santa gave each child a little gift..Nice of him...Should have seen
the prices of the pictures, well deserved little give-a-way!

And after lunch a soft serve from McDonalds...Can you tell
D is one happy child?

And a ride on the carousel with Daddy (it was his turn) ha!

After a wonderful day we came home and played outside then made
a fire, it was a great day!

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