Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas, Cutie Patootie and The Reindeer Sweater!

This is the first year that Dominic really understands the calendar, recognizes the actual date and can count how many more days until Santa arrives.

I have had this fun little snowman calendar I bought from someone's school fundraiser a few years ago for him to monitor each day.  There is a little gingerbread cookie that gets moved each day according to the date.  On his way out the door each morning for school, he moves it to that day.

Some are a little fuzzy.  Point and Shoot + 4 yr old = fuzzy!

We started it the first of the month and we have watched his excitement grow.
As of today, 12/11 he is almost done with the "first column" as he likes to call it!

Just chillin outside with the step ladder.  Never mind that his Daddy dressed him to look
like a package of McDonald's fries, ha!  Everyday he says he is boring (bored), he wants some
form of entertainment every waking hour.  We are trying to give him other options to help with
that and teach him that playing alone is really - OK!

Here he is mixing up a sand/ water concoction.  I have been instructed by Kevin to list a
disclaimer here regarding the patch of dead grass you see.  Kevin takes awesome care of our yard all the time and has it looking perfect in the Summer months but this is where we had a pool up all Summer!

Da Boys!

Love the close ups which are near impossible without that blurry thing I mentioned earlier (you know, in regards to a moving target.....twenty four seven!)

Dominic dislikes sweaters or wearing 2 shirts in any way.  Problem is, it was freezing this day but he claims he is hot in his classroom so Kevin called me after he dropped him off at school to tell me he could not get that sweater off fast enough....I was sad all day about that!

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