Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ito's 89th birthday

Happy 89thy Birthday to my Abuelito (aka Ito - the short version from when we were little kids and could not correctly pronounce the Spanish version of Grandfather or Grandmother).  He is my Paternal Grandfather and such a precious man.  My cousin Sasha did an awesome power point with tons of photos of Ito and our family that span many years.

I was trying to explain to D this was my grandfather and his Great grandfather.  I wish D could have met his grandfather in between and that we could have had a picture with my dad here too. Unfortunately he passes before I was even married.

My cousin Sasha and her husband David had a little get together at their house and asked the kids to wear their costumes too for a Halloween hunt (kind of like Easter egg hunt) after dinner.

Dominic and baby Gage (11 mos)

Baby Gage and Uncle Kevin.  Uncle Kevin has a very soft spot in his heart for babies too!

Morgan Villarreal, Dominic Mero and Cole Enrique McLean.  Cole's middle name is Enrigue in honor of our grandfather "Ito".

Cheri Villarreal made homemade carrot cake for his birthday!

Henry Villarreal, Jr (my dad's oldest brother), baby Gage with his dad Travis Villarreal, my cousin.

And D found more sugar in the cupcakes.....
As a parent all these candy holidays are a struggle!!

The three cousins ready to trick or treat hunt in the back yard.

And he's off.........

Cole, Morgan and Dominic collecting the goods

Baby Gage giving Aunt Summer kisses.  The open mouth birdie kisses.

Superman whacking the pinata.  Yes, we go full mexican and even have pinata's during Halloween after the Halloween hunt. At a birthday party.
Keeping up?

Princess dress or not, Morgan was giving that pinata a smackdown too!

And there's Uncle Kevin again with Baby Gage.....
Baby Gage loved the light up Halloween thingy he is trying to eat!

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