Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Let me just start by saying I can never keep up with blogging, seems I am always at least a week behind.  Blogging does not take long - uploading pictures takes FOREVER.  So, that being said I hope you enjoy what you read and that you keep coming back.  Add us to your Favorites or become a follower of this blog, we are glad you stopped by!  And leave us a comment!***********************************************************************************
As you can see by the picture up top on the blog, D was Superman this year!  The signature hair slicked back was a hit but of course D does not have as much hair as Clark Kent so the curl wasn't going to happen.  Nonetheless, he loved playing superhero and he even seemed to gain some super powers along the way.

We started out by heading to school Friday morning.

About to "fly" off the stairs....ha!

Flexing his muscles cuz' that's what Superman does....

Daddy took the camera and snapped a photo at school.  Unfortunately it's pretty early
so there were not that many kids there yet

With his BFF Uncle Eric

About to head out to trick or treat

With some neighbor kids Ashton (Buzz Lightyear) and Austin (Woody)....
And btw, Toy Story 3 on DVD here we come!

D would not wait for any of the other kids.  He was SO excited about going door to door.

And that is when my camera went ka-put!
Ahh, I could not believe it - I thought it was charged but apparently not!
The rest of the evening went well.  Dominic thoroughly enjoyed passing out candy to other kids which was quite funny.  He would give HANDFULS!

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