Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beautiful Day at Herman Park

Last Saturday was set to be a beautiful Fall day here in Houston and we knew we had to be outside for most of it. We decided to head to Herman Park to check out the new train we heard about.  We took Dominic when he was a little over 1 yr old and it was still the same 'ole raggety train from when I was a kid but we rode it anyway. 

Let me back up - I got an email from Genghis Grill that kids would eat free this Halloween weekend so we decided to make that our lunch stop first.  We usually get Dominic McDonald's and take that into Genghis so K and I can eat but since it was free, he was going to be eating (or not eating!) that. When I told the waitress about the email she paused and said I just needed to show it to her.  Lucky for her I got a smart phone a few weeks ago or I would not be showing her anything.  Would I really make that up little Miss waitress?  Ugh!

We sat outside, it was beautiful.  Dominic only took a few bites since daddy said he would not be going to any park to ride any train unless he ate.  Ok, easy discipline here - what kid is not going to choke food down with the threat of not riding a train at the park, looming over his head?!

Yum-o!  I love this place!

Choking down food and complaining at the same time....

Finally set free from his seat, all he wanted to do was go in and out of this gate on the patio!

Next we headed to Herman Park along with every other Houstonian!  Most kids were in costume which led me to believe the Zoo was hosting some sort of Trick or Treat event.  We only had a little while before we had to head to my Grandfathers 89th bday that evening so no costume for us.  Oh, that and the fact that Dominic wore it Friday to school, Saturday evening to the bday party and Sunday the 31st - that.was.plenty.

Here we are around the paddle boat lake.

Waiting in line with ants in his pants, as usual!

The new red train!

Yeah!  A family photo finally!  So tired of just 2 of us in most picstures.
Thanks stranger lady in the seat in front of us!

They built a new track and it covers quite a bit of land and had 3 stops along the way to get on or off. The one thing I PROMISED Dominic was that the train would not be going thru any tunnels.....I basically swore on my life......wouldn't you know it there was a tunnel AND it has some spooky Halloween stuff.....WTH?  Since when?  Yep, Mom of the Year here.

We decided to try the paddle boats for a mere $9 and 30 minutes.  Everyone must wear a life vest too.

Yeah!  Family photo #2 - Score!

K and I did all the pedaling (which wasn't bad) and D did all the steering while eating his Skittles.  He was having a blast.

I have a picture of my boys in this same pose at the same park when Dominic was just learning to walk and hold his daddy's hand.  It's framed with a poem about Dominic and his Daddy.  I hope to do the same with this one.

Next up, Ito's 90th bday celebration!

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