Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cousin Gage turns 1!

If ever there was such a cutie patootie

who can run with the big boys....

But carry a smirk like this.......

His name might just be Gage....

It's too late, Aunt Summer is smitten...

Happy 1st birthday, little "big" guy!

Your Uncle Kevin, Aunt Summer and cousin Dominic
love you to pieces!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Saturday, November 20, 2004 was the happiest day of my life (and Kev's too but I write the blog!)
I married the most wonderful man, my best friend and life partner.
We celebrated our 6th anniversary married, on Saturday.
It started with 1 hr massages at the Texas School of Massage.  We have had several massages
at various schools, they are much cheaper as the students must have X amount of clinical hours.

Next was a delicious lunch at Fuddruckers!
Lunch period, without child, is just plain N-I-C-E sometimes!

Hubs is calling the hotel to see if we can get an early check-in, they said yes, score!

Food came and it was so good!

We were staying at the new Hotel Sorella at Town & Country City Centre.
Not far from home but seemed miles away in our own little world!

Check out these bottles of wine displayed in a bar window, really neat looking.

And look closely, the chandelier is green crystal to match the faux green apples
displayed on the table (one of the areas where the continental breakfast is served, although we did not partake!)

Our room, King Bed, gorgeous purple sofa/ ottoman and floor to ceiling windows!

Very hard to capture the shower but it's large and open, literally.  If you look closer you can see
the glass is about a 1/4 the width of the shower and serves as a little "door" but it does not close.  Very airy and open feel, really nice.

Does anybody out there wear the robes?

The decor was nice.  The deep brown colored rug in the hallways was perfect but I am not sure in 5 years this wallpaper wont't make you wanna puke.....!

After we checked in we made a little stop here.
Can't reveal what took place just in case the boy learns to read say, before Christmas, ha!

Kevin made it a point to open my door all day...kinda nice since we were in and out a lot!

The hotel was having some party so I had to capture the entrance to one of the ballrooms, loved it!

While I was getting ready there was a knock on the door.  It was a little nerve racking since I was in
my bath robe.  I mean, who could it be?

Room service!  Compliments of the hotel for our anniversary, awesone!
Cheese, crackers, a card and champagne.......


Kevin popping the cork..........


Toasting and enjoying......to us!

Self timer on the camera, he he!

Beautiful lights in all the trees, I heart November!

Dinner reservatiions at Flemings Steakhouse.  Didn't really know we needed to take out a second
mortgage to eat here!!!!!

Cody was the best waiter ever, he noticed the camera and offered to snap a picture.

My fish special with lump crab meat and gold...kidding about the gold but it was pricey!

Kev's filet, another million dollar item.....

My handsome husband opening my door after dinner, what a gem he is!

On our short drive back to the hotel, everything was lit up and I just love it
so I had to capture.......

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wreaths and Monograms!

I just love love love Christmas!  IT IS the most wonderful time of the year!  As I am nearing the end of decorating, I am finishing up with my wreaths.  I have quite a few and they are still not all done but here are the ones that are.

I found some cute letter M's at Wal-Mart in the Christmas section.  I was excited since most times M's are all gone and second, I had a vision right away of where I thought they might look good......on my wreaths that hang on the 4 windows of our dining room!

Love the red Dazzle Drape from Hob Lob too, very Christmasy and makes decorating look so much better. The camera flash distorted the golden color of the little apples for some reason?

Here is my front door wreath that got a big make over this year.  The balls are from years past but I added Dazzle Drape here too along with those chunky decorations that look like over sized candy.  Target had a huge section of $2 ornaments and that is where I scored those!

Santa being my favorite.....

And here she is lit up.......

This little pre-lit tree I scored last year after Christmas for a ridiculous price of $10, so that was a no brainer!  I just added it to the attic with all the others and forgot about it until hubs brought down everything - what a nice surprise!  ha!  Last year I made these monogram balls for the big tree and it just swallowed them.  This year I decided to use my new little tree as the monogram tree!

I bought clear balls from Hob Lob (50% off of course), red shredded paper from the gift wrap section and stick on letters from the scrapbook section.  Just stuff the balls and stick on your letter, add in a little zebra ribbon to top it off and viola, monogram Christmas balls!

I did mostly M's along with one full monogram for each of us.

Here is Dominic's on the left and Kevin's on the right.....

And just because this is the cutest kiddo EVER, oh and he was home with me today because he has pink eye and he wanted to be in a picture, I just had to throw it in!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas - Oh yes we did!

This is what our weekend consisted of: Decorating for Christmas!  I know, I know it gets earlier and earlier every year.  We pulled it all out last weekend, Oct 31st to be exact.  The reason?  A certain 4 yr old named Dominic.  Yes, that's right - between working full time, being wife and mommy, it takes me this long.  We even have Frosty the Snowman blowup set up in the backyard because Dominic was so excited but he does not understand we can't put him in the front yet!

  We have a beautiful 9 ft pre-lit tree.  Well, last year some lights started to burn out and this year even more were burnt out.  That being said, my frustration level hit the roof and I decided to pull every light off and re-string with my own lights.  Yea, that was fun and took me a full week to do!  Can you say waste of time? ugh!!!

Here is what my dining room looks like with everything strewn about....and touched and pulled and touched and pulled again, by that same little 4 yr old......ha!

Here is a view of the foyer and you can clearly see the over lapping of the Fall decorations but the tree is set up in the back.  I just had not had the time to put away the Fall before this picture....just keepin it real.

Oh and look at that Happy Halloween sign still on the official candy table....minus the candy that went bye-bye.

And here's a fun one for you.  This is Dominic's own little tree.  He was so excited to get it out and decorate it, which we did, then he told me it "fell over" and the decorations fell off.  Really? I can't even find the energy to finish Christmas decorations much less RE-DO some that you decided to mess with. So unless your dad wants to help you put it back together, I have no problems looking at it just like this.  I exhaust too much energy in cleaning up around here all the time!

My little guy looking out the back window at Frosty the Snowman Saturday morning.  What I really wanted to capture here was the "twirling" of his hair.  He started this when he was very young laying down in my arms drinking his bottle.  He found his hair that day and realized it was soothing for him and he still does it and I just think it is precious.

He is drinking from a sippy cup because he usually lays in our bed plus weekend treats are Chocolate Milk.  I have enough to clean up that there is no way you are walking or laying in my house with an open cup....no way Jose.  Of course at the table or outside he drinks from open cups.  I can clean up spills on tile in a jiffy!

The finished tree and mantle, still tons more to do though....

OH Look, Daddy did come to the rescue on D's little tree!

First year to put my village within reach of any minor and it has been re-arranged already...

Love love love the holidays!