Monday, October 25, 2010

Wings Over Houston 2010

Saturday morning we had plans to head to the air show at Ellington Field.  We were a few blocks from the house when we realized we did not have the tickets....you know, the ones you can buy early at Kroger for a discounted price.  Kevin thought I knew he put them on the counter and that they look just like a regular Kroger receipt.  Seriously?  What happened to a good ole fashioned ticket? And no, I didn't know he put them on the counter and that our dog ate them.  That's right, the dog we don't have.  They must have made their way to the city dump that morning in our trash can because they were nowhere to be found.  Ok, $34 straight to the city dump.....$15 each adult, $4 each child (6 and under).  That's right we even bought a child's ticket and we didn't need it!  Argh!  Well we had to make the most of it and start over by heading back to Kroger.  He said the machine was broken so we headed to another Kroger and she said the same thing.  That is when it dawned on me, I think I read somewhere you can only buy tickets at the gate, the day of - those poor kids working the booth at Kroger should have been in on that secret!  So we paid $40 more at the gate for 2 adults and the kid was free - that puts us at $74 before even entering!

I love to see the Mama and the baby planes when they fly side by side.  When I said this Dominic said, "Where's the Daddy?"  So cute, so innocent......

The NASA plane was ginormous.  It looked like a huge whale in the front.

This one was also huge.  Kevin told me it carried bombs, wow!

And the $4 Dove dark chocolate bar that melted so fast from the cart that had no napkins!

I remember this was a female pilot named Julie.  She came on the loud speaker from her plane while she was flying.  She was known for her aerobatic moves.  I thought this was awesome how she made a heart in the sky.

Here she is again and you can barely tell but her smoke coming out is red, white & blue.

Look at D just after hearing the first jet pass by. He was not into that so much!  He did however get better as time went on.  First the first time I heard a jet zip by so fast that he broke the speed of sound - amazing!

We headed towards the car in time to plop our chairs out to see the USAF Thunderbirds at the end of the show.  We wanted to beat the crowd and we could still see the show just fine.  There is really no way for my camera to capture or even catch a good shot of those jets.

But this is the best I got!  It's 4 jets flying in sync closer than you can imagine, such talent!

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