Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garage Sale Prep,Bike Ride and Picnic

Last weekend was a beautiful Fall weekend in Houston.  The skies were sunny and clear and the temps did not go above 85 both days.  These days are a true blessing with the small exception of Mommy & Dominic suffering from allergies.

I did have to spend one entire day sorting, prepping and pricing garage sale items for the upcoming community event.  We have waaaaay too much stuff not to sell it - I have just been dreading the prep work.  I am though, looking forward to a clutter free house from all the things we have been "storing."  Oh, and the moolah, who are we kidding?!!  Kevin lined up a daddy and Dominic day with haircuts, lunch and a few errands so that I could work alone!  I got a TON done.  Here is what my dining room looks like:

Ok, well I decided these pictures don't tell the real story in here.  Once I opened up all the tubs with D's clothes and sorted those and all the big black trash bags full of baby toys and had Kevin go thru his clothes again, well trust me when I say the dining room is pretty full and ready for some serious shoppers!

Sunday we planned a family bike ride and picnic.  Daddy loaded the bike rack and Mommy packed the food and we headed out.  It was a beautiful breezy ride, almost chilly, but we had a nice time.

This was before we left but Blogger is not letting me move the pic order, arrgh!

Yummy picnic lunch - Dominic never sat down but that is nothing new!

He actually had his arms wrapped around this tree as if to climb it but my camera is not that fast in catching his every move....slight delay.....

Of course he spotted the play ground 

I would say D had a fun time (see the Hand Sanitizer he is using, he just calls it "Hanitizer")

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