Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dominic's play date with his cousins!

Last Sunday morning Daddy had to leave for a 6 day business trip.  It was hard to say goodbye on a Sunday morning but we had a play date scheduled with Morgan, baby Gage and Cole.

Dominic was first to arrive to Morgan and Gage's house and she was so lovey with him, it was too cute.

They played in her play room and they played outside, just having little people conversations with each other the whole time.  I was so tickled to listen to them.

Meanwhile I was getting as many kisses of baby Gage as I could!

We decided to take the bigger kiddos (not baby Gage) to Mc Donalds for lunch and well, so they could exert some energy at the indoor playground while running back and forth for bites from their happy meals.  This and deciding they wanted each others' happy meal toy....never fails, right?
I could only capture one picture there and that was of D and Cole.

Before we knew it D and I needed to head to the grocery store to get ready for our busy week as single working mama while Daddy was out of town.

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