Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daddy's home!

Kevin had to travel again last week for 3 days.  Seemed like a piece of cake compared to the 6 days he was gone two weeks prior.  When he travels he brings home little gifts for Dominic.  He started this a while back to make his departure and time away, a little easier for Dominic....something for Dominic to look forward to and something to keep his behavior in check while Dad was away.  When he is gone Dominic talks to his daddy every morning and every evening once or twice.  On this last trip he got on the phone with his daddy who happened to be at a company dinner that evening and his first question was, "Hi Dad, did you get me 3 gifts?"  For some reason three is the number.  Kevin replied, "Yes, Dominic I am getting you some gifts" to which the people around him at the table had to chuckle!  ha!  He counts down the minutes until his daddy walks thru the door.

Here he is waiting for him to open his suitcase and bag

He got a new Incredible Hulk Watch!

ANOTHER Pillow Pet

The third surprise was too cute but between finishing dinner on the stove, Kevin unpacking and Dominic not holding still for more than a 1/3 of a second, I could not snap the picture.  It was an Elmo wallet that had the chain hanging from it that you wrap around the belt loop - it was too cute.  I should be able to get a picture of it one day.  He now has seven $1 bills in it and we have encouraged him to save it for Disney!

Before Daddy got home I was trying to cook so I knew I needed something for Dominic to do.  I still needed to put all the cereal bars into the little pumpkins I bought that were for his school party the next day.  He took complete delight in handling this project.  I gave him three steps to each one and he mastered it.  It actually kept him focused and busy for about 8 minutes total.  Then it was back to "When is Daddy going to be home from the airport?"  But add a little whiny sound to it and you would have been living in my world!

Here is his project:

He was so proud that he would be taking these to school for everyone and I was very proud too!

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