Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cy-Fest 2010

Cy Fair college/ Lonestar College here in Cy-Fair hosts an annual Cy-Fest family festival.  We had no intentions of going yesterday but when we drove by the Volunteer Fire Fighters were also hosting events and we could see tons of big red fire trucks and decided to stop by.  We had no idea the Festival was so big, there were tons of cars.  Of course the weather was incredible.  We did not walk over to the college where there were bouncy houses, food, petting zoo, etc.  We stayed over at the Fire Station where there were tons of fire trucks, ladder trucks, rescue boats and even Life Flight.

Dominic seemed mesmorized at the size of these actuals up close.

The camera did not capture how beautiful this huge American flag was and how it kept blowing so gracefully in the wind.

We were able to get in all of the fire trucks.  I am not sure I ever recall being inside one.
All I remember is Fire Prevention Week in elementary school and submitting my drawing for the school contest.  Mommy & Dominic inside one, they are roomy inside.

Life Flight was really amazing up close as well.  Shortly after they cleared the area and we all watched as Life Flight departed.  It was incredible to be that close and I made sure to give Dominic a play by play so he would not be so scared of the noise.  He did good, didn't even cover his ears.....that was a FIRST.

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