Friday, October 22, 2010

BW3's, School Pics & Garage Sale

We had a jam packed week last week while Daddy was out of town.  I am just now getting a chance to blog about it.  Before Daddy left we tried BW3's Tuesday 45c wing night!  Yum-o!  It was such a hit with Dominic that I decided to take him back while Daddy was gone, just the two of us.  They have table top video games which was a huge hit with my boy. There were also quite a few families there with kids.

They have $3 appetizers and D loved the fried cheese!

Thursday was Fall picture day at school.  Again, hard to think about what to dress him in that would look like a Fall outfit when the temps are in the mid 80's here in Texas.  With Daddy out of town and me working solo I had to get up extra early to get myself ready before convincing D that boys do wear undershirts for pics even though he told me how hot he gets.  It was quite a struggle to get 2 shirts on him, jeans and a belt.  He looked adorable so I can't wait to see how those posed and half fake smile pics from school turn out!  ha!  That's okay, we might order some but I always take him for his own pictures where I can get him to relax and smile, usually around his birthday.

He looks so cute to me in those little jeans.  Because we wear shorts for so long here in Texas, it's always a struggle to re-introduce jeans....he says they are not 'comforble'.....(comfortable).

If he really knew just how cute he is and how much me and his daddy love him....

Daddy returned home late Friday night and bless his heart I had him and the boy back in the car around 10p putting out a few garage sale signs.  Since we are on a cul-de-sac I knew we needed a little help directing traffic even though several surronding communities in addition to our own, were having the sales the next morning.  Which brings me to my next point....I got up at 5am to start setting things out in the drive way.  Kevin thought I was a little nutty until our first customer showed up at 6:10am followed by a second costumer 15 mins later!

Did you know Party City actually sells balloons that say "Garage Sale"? ha!
Our neighbor gave us these orange cones a few years ago when D really started riding his bike and playing outside.  Even though we live on a cul-de-sac it gets very busy at times and cars need to SLOW when kids are playing - they work wonders and all the neighbors know what they mean!

The sale was a huge success!  All proceeds went straight to the balance of our Disney trip coming up in February.  The house is clutter free and everything that did not sell got donated to Goodwill so it was a win win situation all around!

And lastly here is Dominic with his two favorite people, Uncle Eric and Aunt Bru  They are our neighbors and the only other caretakers he has ever had besides family.  We love you guys!

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