Friday, October 1, 2010

4 wheelin' with Cookie Monster and a broom

Dominic got his 4 wheeler when he turned 3.  He is now closer to 5 which means a few things:
1) He is simply outgrowing it with his size
2) He needs something that goes faster than 5 mph (but I don't)
3) He gets b-o-r-e-d so we have to get creative

This day started with him giving his stuffed animal(s) a ride one by one.  That did not last long, as the bungee chord wasn't a reliable seat belt for the fuzzy passengers.  He quickly moved to his Cookie Monster back pack instead.

Notice him looking behind the 4 wheeler and the red rope?
That is because we found a way for him to pull our big outside broom around!

This is his new favorite thing to do every.single.day.

Whatever keeps the little guy busy!

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