Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daddy's home!

Kevin had to travel again last week for 3 days.  Seemed like a piece of cake compared to the 6 days he was gone two weeks prior.  When he travels he brings home little gifts for Dominic.  He started this a while back to make his departure and time away, a little easier for Dominic....something for Dominic to look forward to and something to keep his behavior in check while Dad was away.  When he is gone Dominic talks to his daddy every morning and every evening once or twice.  On this last trip he got on the phone with his daddy who happened to be at a company dinner that evening and his first question was, "Hi Dad, did you get me 3 gifts?"  For some reason three is the number.  Kevin replied, "Yes, Dominic I am getting you some gifts" to which the people around him at the table had to chuckle!  ha!  He counts down the minutes until his daddy walks thru the door.

Here he is waiting for him to open his suitcase and bag

He got a new Incredible Hulk Watch!

ANOTHER Pillow Pet

The third surprise was too cute but between finishing dinner on the stove, Kevin unpacking and Dominic not holding still for more than a 1/3 of a second, I could not snap the picture.  It was an Elmo wallet that had the chain hanging from it that you wrap around the belt loop - it was too cute.  I should be able to get a picture of it one day.  He now has seven $1 bills in it and we have encouraged him to save it for Disney!

Before Daddy got home I was trying to cook so I knew I needed something for Dominic to do.  I still needed to put all the cereal bars into the little pumpkins I bought that were for his school party the next day.  He took complete delight in handling this project.  I gave him three steps to each one and he mastered it.  It actually kept him focused and busy for about 8 minutes total.  Then it was back to "When is Daddy going to be home from the airport?"  But add a little whiny sound to it and you would have been living in my world!

Here is his project:

He was so proud that he would be taking these to school for everyone and I was very proud too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wings Over Houston 2010

Saturday morning we had plans to head to the air show at Ellington Field.  We were a few blocks from the house when we realized we did not have the tickets....you know, the ones you can buy early at Kroger for a discounted price.  Kevin thought I knew he put them on the counter and that they look just like a regular Kroger receipt.  Seriously?  What happened to a good ole fashioned ticket? And no, I didn't know he put them on the counter and that our dog ate them.  That's right, the dog we don't have.  They must have made their way to the city dump that morning in our trash can because they were nowhere to be found.  Ok, $34 straight to the city dump.....$15 each adult, $4 each child (6 and under).  That's right we even bought a child's ticket and we didn't need it!  Argh!  Well we had to make the most of it and start over by heading back to Kroger.  He said the machine was broken so we headed to another Kroger and she said the same thing.  That is when it dawned on me, I think I read somewhere you can only buy tickets at the gate, the day of - those poor kids working the booth at Kroger should have been in on that secret!  So we paid $40 more at the gate for 2 adults and the kid was free - that puts us at $74 before even entering!

I love to see the Mama and the baby planes when they fly side by side.  When I said this Dominic said, "Where's the Daddy?"  So cute, so innocent......

The NASA plane was ginormous.  It looked like a huge whale in the front.

This one was also huge.  Kevin told me it carried bombs, wow!

And the $4 Dove dark chocolate bar that melted so fast from the cart that had no napkins!

I remember this was a female pilot named Julie.  She came on the loud speaker from her plane while she was flying.  She was known for her aerobatic moves.  I thought this was awesome how she made a heart in the sky.

Here she is again and you can barely tell but her smoke coming out is red, white & blue.

Look at D just after hearing the first jet pass by. He was not into that so much!  He did however get better as time went on.  First the first time I heard a jet zip by so fast that he broke the speed of sound - amazing!

We headed towards the car in time to plop our chairs out to see the USAF Thunderbirds at the end of the show.  We wanted to beat the crowd and we could still see the show just fine.  There is really no way for my camera to capture or even catch a good shot of those jets.

But this is the best I got!  It's 4 jets flying in sync closer than you can imagine, such talent!

Friday, October 22, 2010

BW3's, School Pics & Garage Sale

We had a jam packed week last week while Daddy was out of town.  I am just now getting a chance to blog about it.  Before Daddy left we tried BW3's Tuesday 45c wing night!  Yum-o!  It was such a hit with Dominic that I decided to take him back while Daddy was gone, just the two of us.  They have table top video games which was a huge hit with my boy. There were also quite a few families there with kids.

They have $3 appetizers and D loved the fried cheese!

Thursday was Fall picture day at school.  Again, hard to think about what to dress him in that would look like a Fall outfit when the temps are in the mid 80's here in Texas.  With Daddy out of town and me working solo I had to get up extra early to get myself ready before convincing D that boys do wear undershirts for pics even though he told me how hot he gets.  It was quite a struggle to get 2 shirts on him, jeans and a belt.  He looked adorable so I can't wait to see how those posed and half fake smile pics from school turn out!  ha!  That's okay, we might order some but I always take him for his own pictures where I can get him to relax and smile, usually around his birthday.

He looks so cute to me in those little jeans.  Because we wear shorts for so long here in Texas, it's always a struggle to re-introduce jeans....he says they are not 'comforble'.....(comfortable).

If he really knew just how cute he is and how much me and his daddy love him....

Daddy returned home late Friday night and bless his heart I had him and the boy back in the car around 10p putting out a few garage sale signs.  Since we are on a cul-de-sac I knew we needed a little help directing traffic even though several surronding communities in addition to our own, were having the sales the next morning.  Which brings me to my next point....I got up at 5am to start setting things out in the drive way.  Kevin thought I was a little nutty until our first customer showed up at 6:10am followed by a second costumer 15 mins later!

Did you know Party City actually sells balloons that say "Garage Sale"? ha!
Our neighbor gave us these orange cones a few years ago when D really started riding his bike and playing outside.  Even though we live on a cul-de-sac it gets very busy at times and cars need to SLOW when kids are playing - they work wonders and all the neighbors know what they mean!

The sale was a huge success!  All proceeds went straight to the balance of our Disney trip coming up in February.  The house is clutter free and everything that did not sell got donated to Goodwill so it was a win win situation all around!

And lastly here is Dominic with his two favorite people, Uncle Eric and Aunt Bru  They are our neighbors and the only other caretakers he has ever had besides family.  We love you guys!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dominic's play date with his cousins!

Last Sunday morning Daddy had to leave for a 6 day business trip.  It was hard to say goodbye on a Sunday morning but we had a play date scheduled with Morgan, baby Gage and Cole.

Dominic was first to arrive to Morgan and Gage's house and she was so lovey with him, it was too cute.

They played in her play room and they played outside, just having little people conversations with each other the whole time.  I was so tickled to listen to them.

Meanwhile I was getting as many kisses of baby Gage as I could!

We decided to take the bigger kiddos (not baby Gage) to Mc Donalds for lunch and well, so they could exert some energy at the indoor playground while running back and forth for bites from their happy meals.  This and deciding they wanted each others' happy meal toy....never fails, right?
I could only capture one picture there and that was of D and Cole.

Before we knew it D and I needed to head to the grocery store to get ready for our busy week as single working mama while Daddy was out of town.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A visit to my work

Well look who stopped by my office last Friday?  This handsome litle devil!  Of course he did not
drive himself but his daddy brought him up to take Mommy out to lunch.

Dominic has been to my office many times but it has been a while this time.  He was very interested in where
I sat then when he saw all his pictures he kinda smiled.  I only had time to capture one photo but I thought
it was cute.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cy-Fest 2010

Cy Fair college/ Lonestar College here in Cy-Fair hosts an annual Cy-Fest family festival.  We had no intentions of going yesterday but when we drove by the Volunteer Fire Fighters were also hosting events and we could see tons of big red fire trucks and decided to stop by.  We had no idea the Festival was so big, there were tons of cars.  Of course the weather was incredible.  We did not walk over to the college where there were bouncy houses, food, petting zoo, etc.  We stayed over at the Fire Station where there were tons of fire trucks, ladder trucks, rescue boats and even Life Flight.

Dominic seemed mesmorized at the size of these actuals up close.

The camera did not capture how beautiful this huge American flag was and how it kept blowing so gracefully in the wind.

We were able to get in all of the fire trucks.  I am not sure I ever recall being inside one.
All I remember is Fire Prevention Week in elementary school and submitting my drawing for the school contest.  Mommy & Dominic inside one, they are roomy inside.

Life Flight was really amazing up close as well.  Shortly after they cleared the area and we all watched as Life Flight departed.  It was incredible to be that close and I made sure to give Dominic a play by play so he would not be so scared of the noise.  He did good, didn't even cover his ears.....that was a FIRST.