Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday NFL 2010

** Disregard my last post about Soccer Tots being a success.  No sooner did we show up for our second class and I handed the coach our $200 check, did Dominic decide to boycott the class....completely.  Legs crossed, hands in lap and sitting against the wall!  Nooooo!  I had to re-coup my money and apologize but they were well aware it wasn't going to work.  Unfortunately D thought he could just sit down and participate when he wanted......not for $200 son!

I am about a week late in posting this but there just never seems to be any 'spare' time.  If there is, I definitely chose to close my eyes instead of blog!  ha!

Well Daddy could not wait to kickoff the new football season and his meat of choice was brisket.  Well, it was what I chose since I was at the store and it was on sale!  I actually woke up early that morning probably because in all reality, I knew I could get 30-45 minutes of alone time before the sun came up.  Kevin mentioned he wanted to start his brisket by 7am so I went in to wake him and make sure that was still the plan.  He did get up and got the brisket prepped and the smoker lit...Not sure if the neighbors could smell their Folgers or our charcoal - ha!

After the little guy woke up and realized what all he had missed and asked all his questions, the sun came up and it was time for the Inagural Flag raising ceremony.  I bought Kevin a Titans flag to fly this year since that is his team.

We got Dominic dressed in his newest Texans jersey then pulled the two playing team helmets from Daddy's collection and placed them on the table below the TV before kick off. While I was preparing to have the neighbors over later Dominic got a little bored and decided to take the step ladder to the pantry for some entertainment.

Then he decided he was a fireman pushing his bucket full of toys around the house....

Kevin snapping pics of Jeff Fisher and the start of the Titans game.

Dominic kept going in and out saying he was putting out fires in the back (since he was a fireman) while Kevin was checking the brisket.  Eric and Bru came over for an early dinner and there was even a final swim taken by the boys before the pool was drained for the season.  K's Titans won so all in all it was a perfect day.  All we need now is some cool Fall weather!

And if this picture doesn't make you chuckle, I don't know what will, ha!

After 7 hours on the smoker, the brisket was a hit...

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