Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer Tots and Fall Decorations

Yesterday was our first class (trial class) for Soccer Tots.  D is now 4.5 yrs old and he really needs to get involved in sports.  Problem is, this very outgoing child becomes timid in any new situation.  Not like the normal timid but the almost ridiculous timid.  These classes are age appropriate, last 11 weeks and cost quite a bit so we had to make sure he was going to participate. It's a weekly committment every Saturday as well.  Also, it's indoor soccer so that made it much better than melting in the 104 humidity!  Kevin and I have been talking it up for several weeks now.  At times he became interested and other times he completely shut down and said he did not want to do it.  I know in my heart of hearts I can get him to do things then he ends up loving it.  Here is how he started.  A frown on his face in the bleachers then staying very close to his dad on the field (parents can come on the field for as long as it takes the child to get comfortable)

He was being very stubborn and I could tell that Kevin was going to put him in the car so I had to intervene!  I have learned that I can "make" D do things slowly and he will end up liking it.  Take a look at how we were able to turn that frown upside down within 20 minutes!

His favorite thing was the parachute at the end.....Mission Accomplished!

Before we headed to Soccer Tots K and D washed the car and I finished up with my Fall Decorations.  D gets excited and touches them for a few days and re-arranges them a million times until the novelty wears off.  Here they are for now until Hob Lob has another great sale!

And notice the "Cars" umbrella D has while helping his dad wash the car, ha!

Next up, Football Sunday 2010!

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