Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rhinestone Cowboy & Mini Me

Well, okay - not so much the Rhinestones OR even a resemblance to John Travolta at Gilley's here in Houston however, he is my little cowboy and what parent does not capture their naked little one wearing someone's boots then run to get a cowboy hat and camera?

I thought that was too cute not to share!

Dominic has such a cute little personality and he just loves his Daddy to death. (Right now he calls him "Kevin" and me "Summer" which we think is hilarious.  We actually forget until we are around other people and he calls our names and they all chuckle.)  I had to capture the two of them dressed alike last week before we all headed out on a 104 degree day for a bike ride after work.  What, that isn't normal?  Yeah we know, but you can only keep a 4 yr old bottled up inside for so long before the walls come crumbling down....we opted for the bike ride.

After the bike ride I promised Dominic we would make JELLO.  I think he thought I would open the box and JELLO would just appear!  He kept saying, "Where is it Mommy?"

One last thing:  I was cleaning on Saturday morning and the thought crossed my mind that I was actually getting a bunch done....un-interrupted.  Hmm, that's NOT normal.  Turns out Dominic was watching cartoons from the top of the couch with one leg hanging over the back.  But what really caught my eye was the water bottle he had hanging from his holster, errr pocket.  He is fascinated with rubber gloves (like the doctor uses) and his water bottle to squirt and "clean" everything.

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