Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pillow Pets? Pillow Pals?

So have you heard all the rage?  Those slick Saturday morning cartoon channel commercials have sucked in my 4 yr old.  He never watched TV much less Saturday morning cartoons until recently.  And there they were - the commercial with the Pillow Pets, or Pillow Pals - I have seen them called both.  We looked on line but thought with shipping & handling we might do better locally.  Well Toys R Us was sold out so we hit the mall kiosk.  Why yes, yes we did.  We paid a fortune. That's what being a parent means, after all.

They are cute and they are cuddly, just like my boy.

His sweet face hugging the pillow makes my heart melt.

If you can buy time until Christmas, you might try doing so!  ha!

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