Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We headed to the beautiful Hill Country to see the in laws for the long weekend and visit Fiesta Texas with our season passes.  I did not realize that the camera setting was a bit off so quite a few pics came out blurry and most others had to be deleted.  Oh well!  We drove in on Friday afternoon thru rain and by the time we arrived in Kerrville the temps were 81 or so degrees......in September!  It was awesome.

Every late afternoon my FIL feeds the deer.  When Dominic arrives he is definitely a part of that.

And kissing his MeMe

MIL and FIL just returned from Hawaii the evening before we arrived.  FIL was showing us the "Lei" he was given upon their arrival and I believe he and Kevin are making the "Hang Ten" sign.  Interesting enough the women were given traditional flower lei's but the men's were black granite type rocks on a necklace (if you look closely)

After visiting for a while and playing outside (notice D's jacket in Sept!) it was time to cook homemade pizzas!

Then it was time to shower and shave - ha!

The next morning we woke to cool Fall temps and had a wonderful lunch with the whole gang at Mamacita's

Then we made our way to the "mall" in Kerrville.  Not too big but they do have a Bath & Body Works so Dominic helped us shop by strapping the bag to his back like a backpack and smelling everything he could get his hands on!

Dominic scored another Dump Truck along the way before we headed back to the house

Then we spent time hanging out, the girls were playing with Dominic, another deer feeding and lots of laptops going!

Kevin doing what he loves, BBQ'ing!

The next day we were scheduled to head to Six Flags.  Dominic had a cough for a little over a week and I thought I had it under control but it got worse. Sunday morning he woke up with fever but he decided he still wanted to head to Six Flags.  I gave him Tylenol and we headed out.  He only lasted about 2 hours then announced he was ready to go.  We knew then that he was not feeling so good.
(Kevin took him to the doctor on Tuesday and he had another sinus infection)

They have the all new Wiggles World that just opened in 2010.

Look closely and you can see Kevin and Dominic sitting in the middle of the roller coaster!

It was time to head out and daddy carried him since he was not feeling so good!

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