Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Misc Fun

It has been a very busy week but I wanted to document last weekend before time gets away from me.  First up was a haircut for Dominic.  My baby boy was born with a head full of black hair.  So much so, he HAD  his first haircut at the tender age of only 5 months old!  I fought it as long as I could because he was so little and I knew once he had that first "cut" he would no longer look like my baby but rather, a big boy.  His hair would literally keep falling in his eyes so I gave in and made the appt.  I knew only one person could handle that task and that was Margot.  Margot has been cutting my hair for many, many years.  I entrusted her and only her.  Here's a look back to when he was born and all the hair he came out with:

Can you say heartburn during pregnancy?  Yep!  I lived on Tums!
Well, thanks to our hard drive crashing on the old computer upstairs, I can't seem to locate the picture of his first haircut!  errrgh!
Anyway, moving on - here is Dominic and Margot last weekend four years after his first cut.  He is still sitting on the stool but he has graduated from the duckie cape to a big black cape like I wear for haircuts.  He looks a little put out because underneath the cape lies not one but two Dum Dums.....(Lollipops)

After his haircut we headed to the new Olive Garden on Sweetwater Blvd.  As always it was delicious.  We arrived at 10:56a just before the doors opened.

Dominic enjoyed Cheese Pizza from the kiddos menu and shared some of my soup and Kevin's pasta.
To say it was a calm, cool and collected lunch would be......a lie.  It was chaotic as usual!  Thus why Dominic is an only child!  ha!

After lunch we headed to Target for a few things and thought we might measure Dominic's foot while we were there.  He is already a size 11-12, I can't believe it!
We wanted to get him some hiker boots for the Fall/ Winter but decided to wait for now since he is growing by leaps and bounds and we are, well, still swimming - It will eventually get cooler outside!  Since we did not score in the shoe department, Dominic did walk away with a Spiderman watch.  When you ask him what time it is he says, "52,100,35,1000".  Okay, yea, still can't truly tell time.....ha!

After nap I started to cook dinner and the boys went upstairs for a little PS2 time.  Yes, Kevin was in heaven playing Madden football with Dominic but Dominic was just pushing buttons and they did this for close to an hour!
And I cooked Fried Catfish with Rice Pilaf and steamed veggies and it was delicious!
I will end this post by saying that tonight is the first home Pre-Season Texans game for 2010.  My husband (the Tennessee Titans fan) just said, "Go Texans."  That my friends, is because the Texans just scored against Romo in the first 3 playing minutes.....that, and the Titans are not on tonight. 

One last note:  my boy only slept 7.5 hours last night and has been awake sine 6:15 am (ON A SATURDAY) and is still going strong 13 hours later.  Can you say, "Exhausted Parents?"  ho hum.

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