Monday, August 9, 2010

Starting the blog!

Well, I finally did it!  I pulled the plug and got to work and started the Mero family blog!  I never felt I had the time to make it worthwhile but thanks to several friends (Thanks Lori!) who prove me wrong with their busy lives and blogs, here we are.  This is the first post and I am still trying to design this thing, you know to where it looks fun and entertaining. I got the basic format happening but it's tough to get it to look fabulous.  I know, I know - fabulous is a strong word but since I live with two boys, I need some outlet that is girly....this might just be the place!  I hope you stick around to see our family and the laughs and love we share!  And btw - tomorrow is my 39th and this is my gift to myself!

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  1. Hey Summer! This is great! BTW...Happy Birthday! I'm terrible, I almost forgot my son's birthday yesterday lol! Keep up the good work girlee!