Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of Pre-K

Today was Dominic's first official day of Pre-K!  err, let me re-word that:  We have 364 ish days until our little boy goes out into the big bad world of Kindergarten!  I remember thinking that day seemed so far in the future and here we are on the countdown to Fall 2011 - Wow, bestill my beating heart.  I digress, back to our first day of Pre-K.  True, Dominic has attended his current school since he was 11 weeks old so it's not a new facility to him (or us for that matter) but today did mark the first day of training to become a Kindergartener so I wanted to document it. 

I always wake up before the boys to start getting showered and ready first.  Today, however I woke them up 15 minutes earlier because I knew traffic would be bad and I wanted to take some pictures before he left with his dad.  Note:  Time had to be allotted for trying to wake Dominic up for 10 minutes, ask him three times to go potty, ask him three times to start dressing himself, ask him to brush his teeth and stop spitting everywhere, tell him his shoes were on the wrong feet four times, etc etc.  I could only capture a few things in the midst of our chaos.

Exhibit A: Please start to dress yourself

He obviously does not get the morning rush just yet even though we tell him every.single.day.
He thought this was hilarious, I thought it added 2 minutes to my commute.

Exhibit B:  Please stand STILL on the stairs for a first day picture

Yep, could not do that either.

Finally, I begged him and/ or bribed him with something and these are the ones I got:

It's official, he is the cutest darn 4 yr old ever! 

And finally this is where my two boys headed this morning, Dominic's place of higher education for the last 4+ years and the place that has drained us of all our funds along the way!  All kidding aside he has made some wonderful friends, developed great social skills and learned a whole lot since enrolling here but Daddy and I know after this year you will be ready to move on even if we are not!

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