Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Misc Fun

It has been a very busy week but I wanted to document last weekend before time gets away from me.  First up was a haircut for Dominic.  My baby boy was born with a head full of black hair.  So much so, he HAD  his first haircut at the tender age of only 5 months old!  I fought it as long as I could because he was so little and I knew once he had that first "cut" he would no longer look like my baby but rather, a big boy.  His hair would literally keep falling in his eyes so I gave in and made the appt.  I knew only one person could handle that task and that was Margot.  Margot has been cutting my hair for many, many years.  I entrusted her and only her.  Here's a look back to when he was born and all the hair he came out with:

Can you say heartburn during pregnancy?  Yep!  I lived on Tums!
Well, thanks to our hard drive crashing on the old computer upstairs, I can't seem to locate the picture of his first haircut!  errrgh!
Anyway, moving on - here is Dominic and Margot last weekend four years after his first cut.  He is still sitting on the stool but he has graduated from the duckie cape to a big black cape like I wear for haircuts.  He looks a little put out because underneath the cape lies not one but two Dum Dums.....(Lollipops)

After his haircut we headed to the new Olive Garden on Sweetwater Blvd.  As always it was delicious.  We arrived at 10:56a just before the doors opened.

Dominic enjoyed Cheese Pizza from the kiddos menu and shared some of my soup and Kevin's pasta.
To say it was a calm, cool and collected lunch would be......a lie.  It was chaotic as usual!  Thus why Dominic is an only child!  ha!

After lunch we headed to Target for a few things and thought we might measure Dominic's foot while we were there.  He is already a size 11-12, I can't believe it!
We wanted to get him some hiker boots for the Fall/ Winter but decided to wait for now since he is growing by leaps and bounds and we are, well, still swimming - It will eventually get cooler outside!  Since we did not score in the shoe department, Dominic did walk away with a Spiderman watch.  When you ask him what time it is he says, "52,100,35,1000".  Okay, yea, still can't truly tell time.....ha!

After nap I started to cook dinner and the boys went upstairs for a little PS2 time.  Yes, Kevin was in heaven playing Madden football with Dominic but Dominic was just pushing buttons and they did this for close to an hour!
And I cooked Fried Catfish with Rice Pilaf and steamed veggies and it was delicious!
I will end this post by saying that tonight is the first home Pre-Season Texans game for 2010.  My husband (the Tennessee Titans fan) just said, "Go Texans."  That my friends, is because the Texans just scored against Romo in the first 3 playing minutes.....that, and the Titans are not on tonight. 

One last note:  my boy only slept 7.5 hours last night and has been awake sine 6:15 am (ON A SATURDAY) and is still going strong 13 hours later.  Can you say, "Exhausted Parents?"  ho hum.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of Pre-K

Today was Dominic's first official day of Pre-K!  err, let me re-word that:  We have 364 ish days until our little boy goes out into the big bad world of Kindergarten!  I remember thinking that day seemed so far in the future and here we are on the countdown to Fall 2011 - Wow, bestill my beating heart.  I digress, back to our first day of Pre-K.  True, Dominic has attended his current school since he was 11 weeks old so it's not a new facility to him (or us for that matter) but today did mark the first day of training to become a Kindergartener so I wanted to document it. 

I always wake up before the boys to start getting showered and ready first.  Today, however I woke them up 15 minutes earlier because I knew traffic would be bad and I wanted to take some pictures before he left with his dad.  Note:  Time had to be allotted for trying to wake Dominic up for 10 minutes, ask him three times to go potty, ask him three times to start dressing himself, ask him to brush his teeth and stop spitting everywhere, tell him his shoes were on the wrong feet four times, etc etc.  I could only capture a few things in the midst of our chaos.

Exhibit A: Please start to dress yourself

He obviously does not get the morning rush just yet even though we tell him every.single.day.
He thought this was hilarious, I thought it added 2 minutes to my commute.

Exhibit B:  Please stand STILL on the stairs for a first day picture

Yep, could not do that either.

Finally, I begged him and/ or bribed him with something and these are the ones I got:

It's official, he is the cutest darn 4 yr old ever! 

And finally this is where my two boys headed this morning, Dominic's place of higher education for the last 4+ years and the place that has drained us of all our funds along the way!  All kidding aside he has made some wonderful friends, developed great social skills and learned a whole lot since enrolling here but Daddy and I know after this year you will be ready to move on even if we are not!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy's 39th

Last week was my 39th birthday and my husband had a few surprises planned out.  He sent me a Outlook appointment for the Friday we took off from work with a time line of our day!  Mine started with sleeping in until 6:30a because we still wanted to keep Dominic on schedule somewhat and take him to school.  Trust me, this was sleeping in because I get up at 5a every work day.  As luck would have it I was just too exhausted (maybe more mentally since I knew it was my day off) and when Kevin woke me up I just proceeded upstairs to the guest room and fell back asleep.  My sweet husband took care of getting Dominic up and dressed in his swimsuit for splash day at school and off they went.  I woke up around 7:15a and believe it or not, I felt rested.  I was a little sad that I missed saying goodbye to my little love bug that morning but I knew his dad took perfect care of him.  Next on my agenda was to drink coffee....yes, according to my Outlook appt!  I relaxed and had coffee then my next surprise was a 1 hr massage.  It was heavenly!  I returned home to shower and my husband and I headed off to lunch at the new City Centre at Town & Country Village.  We had a wonderful sushi lunch at RA Sushi then walked around City Centre.  I did not get too many pics but here I am at the hotel pool in the private swim up cabana's!  Sounds like a date night to me!
Here is my handsome hubby after eating sushi.....

We did some other errands and shopping and took our time without having a radical 4 yr old in tow! ha!  It was like old times, like when we were dating.  But before we knew it, it was time to pick up this little man from school and come home and do this with him on my birthday.  I.loved.every.minute.

On another note, it's dreadfully hot outside here in Houston in August.  When you work all day but your child gets to take a long nap at school, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when you get home.  The kiddo is full of energy but your energy is zapped.  It's too hot outside to even play so off to the Splash pad Mommy and Dominic went.  I had to find ways to burn some of his energy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Laundry and Leftovers

It's Thursday evening and we are exhausted.  I have cooked every night this week but somehow managed to ignore the laundry for 3 days.  Tonight is full of laundry and definitely leftovers!

I love her witt and I love her recipes


I have made this meal a hand full of times and each time it tastes better and better.  We had the neighbors over last night and I cooked this along with salad and breadsticks.  Also in attendance was a certain rambuctious 4 yr old whose initials start with Dominic Mero.  Who could say no to having a loud, slightly un-peaceful dinner with the sound of a roaring toy Harley up and down the kitchen floor? And while you are trying to engage in adult convo?  This is our home and welcome to it.

1/2 cup Olive Oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
3 whole 14.5 ounce cans diced (or whole) tomatoes
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 lb of jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined
Salt & Pepper, to taste
Fresh Parsley, minced
1 lb linguine, uncooked
Red Pepper flakes, to taste

Cook pasta for 1/2 the recommended cooking time. Pasta should still be very firm.

In a large skillet or pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add garlic and saute for a minute. Dump in the tomatoes and wine. Stir the mixture together, season with salt and pepper, and allow to cook for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a large parcel of heavy duty aluminum foil on a large cookie sheet with a raised rim. It should be large enough to hold the entire pasta dish.

Throw the shrimp on the top of the pasta sauce. Throw the drained pasta over the top, then pour the whole dish onto the foil. Tightly wrap the foil into a parcel.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and keep warm until serving.

Open the foil parcel right before serving. Drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil and parsley over the top. Squeeze on lemon juice, if desired.


Remember the laundry I mentioned?  Somehow the camera is modifying the situation 'cause there are 3 huge piles sitting there.

But I have made the laundry room a little cozy, compliments of one old shelf, some black spray paint and the greatest friend a girl can have.  Hobby Lobby on their 50% sale days...I love love love HL

I guess I could have removed the soap and baskets out of the picture and put away the clean clothes hanging on the clothes rack but I am just keeping it real here. ha!

One last thing I wanted to post.  Every now and then we love to get Dominic some little treats or surprises.  He asked me to buy corn nuts a while back (we eat them on all of our road trips) and we also ran out of tatooes.  I bought both today and laid them on the table for him to discover.  After bath I applied 7 tatooes to his little body, per his request.  We do everything big here, after all it only came with 43 more - we should be good until Halloween......

Monday, August 9, 2010

July 2010

Let's back up a bit and start with the Mero family happenings in July.  First, the Mister turned 40!  Happy Birthday honey, Dominic and I love you so much.

Then we had a great 4th of July pool party at the Villarreal's house complete with fireworks at dusk!

Our Summer vacation was a long weekend to Galveston with visits to Moody Gardens Palm Beach, the Gulf then the Kemah Boardwalk.  Dominic loved the bunk beds at our hotel and he loved the beach despite getting stung by a jellyfish in the first ten minutes we were there!  Poor baby but he got back in the water later as long as his daddy was holding him (I don't blame the poor kid!)

And lastly a day with Mommy & Daddy to Pump It Up Jump House and Dave & Busters!